Saints vs Maritzburg College the basketball derby to end all derbies!

FAST Breaks, Lay-Ups, Double Dribbles, Bank Shots and Box Outs –
We can expect it all and more come the 6.30pm refs’ Jump-Ball signal and the long-awaited Classic Clash, the PMB Derby to end all Derbies, hits lift-off!!!

Yes KZN10 sports lovers it’s St Charles College firsts vs Maritzburg College firsts 6.30pm this Frosty Friday Night in the KZN capital… and in Saints’ revamped and freshly-named Samukele Khumalo Arena, in honour of the former Saints head prefect and basketball, rugby and soccer star Samke Khumalo, whose life was so tragically cut short when it promised to add so much to our country South Africa.

First team line-ups


Among the glittering additions to this magnificent Saints theatre of basketball are glass-fibre drop-down boards and new stands that have added huge value to the ever-increasing KZN10 demand for fan seats in the pressure-cooker and precocious skill-set bouquet served up by our flagship KZN10 basketball teams, which include the likes of Michaelhouse, Kearsney College, DHS and Westville to name just four.


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While the Harwin Road Side of the Samke Khumalo arena remains much the same, the court at the Astro End has been moved forward to enable a new bank of stands to accommodate the Saints boys, while the visiting boys populate the raised stands at the Gym End and the adult spectator stands that run the length of the Court of Hoops and parallel to Saints premier rugby field, Old Orchards, has been considerably heightened.



Yes fans of KZN10 much of the KZN10 basketball fan-focus is on this long-awaited and much-anticipated St Charles College Maritzburg College showdown.

Those in the know are saying pre-game that it’s way too tough to call a winner but what appears clear is that the team bringing their¬† A-Game will prevail… and if history teaches us anything, by the slenderest of margins.


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Sadly the wet weather forced the officials to cancel all the early matches on the outside courts but the age-group boys who have missed out on their match will definitely not allow that disappointment to diminish their support for their senior schoolmates tonight.

The scheduled St Charles College vs Maritzburg College fixtures, many of which were cancelled due to the slippery outside-courts’ surfaces:


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  • Current Saints first team head coach and Head of the Upper School, the former SA standout national basketballer Mr Darren Holcomb, has enviable tactical and technical back-up from the full-time Saints Basketball Specialist Mr Craig Gilchrist, who is also the current SA men’s head coach and a legend of the SA game in his playing days.

Given that the Saints Old Boys are expected to be out in force, one can surmise that Saints go into into this fixture as slight favourites.

But Maritzburg College under head coach Zeke Oosthuis have bounced back from an early-season defeat to Westville and have got their game back on track. Significantly, this week’s training sessions have revealed this: The Red Black & White line-up are in determined mood for an upset.


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It’s set up for a wonderful occasion. The atmosphere, Razmattaz, drum beats, war cries and so much more from both sets of supporters will add an intoxicating rhythm to a festive and passionate atmosphere.

May the best team win!


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Michaelhouse vs DHS

This is another cracker set to play out at House.

Michaelhouse must go into this fixture as favourites as they have been the most dominant of the KZN10 schools and haven’t been beaten by any of the local sides the last season. Playing in front of their expectant supporters will surely motivate them to greater heights.


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DHS head to Michaelhouse after a tough loss at Kearsney. They will be looking to bounce back with a determined display.


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Hilton College vs Northwood

Both schools will be looking to get back on the winning trail with this KZN10 fixture.

The weekend seems set for a determined push by one of these schools.

Hilton will be better as new head coach Ayanda Shange gets his troops organised. Northwood will be at their plucky best.


Kearsney College vs Clifton College

Clifton head to Kearsney quietly confident of a good performance after a solid early-season win against Northwood.

Kearsney, who have set themselves apart as the top basketball programme in the KZN10, will look to dominate at home.


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Westville vs Glenwood

Westville host Glenwood at home with the Westville 2nd team taking on the Glenwood 1st team.

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