Kearsney U16A basketball winners at Michaelhouse & St Stithians tourneys

A belated but undiluted congratulations to the Kearsney College U16A basketball team, who won all 7 of their matches on their way to winning the U16 Tournament held at Michaelhouse last month before clinching yet another prestigious tournament a week later.

Feature photo caption: The victorious Kearsney College U16A basketball team at the Michaelhouse tourney.

The following weekend, the Kearsney College U16A side repeated the winning process in Johannesburg.

The St Stithians College U16 basketball tournament saw the Kearsney U16A basketballers beating St Alban’s College of Pretoria 41-35 in the final.

The Kearsney U16A basketball team beat St Stithians College, St Benedict’s, the International School of SA, Westville, St John’s College and Michaelhouse on their way to the finals.

It has been an outstanding first term for the Kearsney U16A basketballers, recording the following results:

21 Jan vs St Charles won 38-13
22 Jan vs Hilton won 38-30
29 Jan vs Claremont won 45-28

The members of the Kearsney U16A team that won the tournament at Michaelhouse were Tshepiso Mokoena, Reabetswe Sithole, Ntsika Mfayela, Matthew Shepherd, Connor Grenfell, Motheo Ramoriting, Gareth Fly, Kemani Mabaso, Luca Borrageiro, Gregor Campbell, Ayanda Jackson and Iviwe Shongwe.

30 Jan vs DHS won 21-18
30 Jan vs Michaelhouse U16B won 29-13
30 Jan vs Maritzburg College drew 23-23
30 Jan vs St Charles won 28-9
30 Jan vs Hilton won 25-12
30 Jan vs Northwood won 23-15
30 Jan vs Maritzburg College won 29-25 (Michaelhouse tournament final)

30 Jan vs Libros Northern Combined won 69-5
5 Feb lost 35-32 to Northwood

The victorious Kearsney U16A basketballers at the St Stithians College tournament were once again Tshepiso Mokoena, Reabetswe Sithole, Ntsika Mfayela, Matthew Shepherd, Connor Grenfell, Motheo Ramoriting, Gareth Fly, Kemani Mabaso, Ayanda Jackson, Luca Borrageiro (capt), Gregor Campbell and Iviwe Shongwe.

11 Feb lost 22-18 to St Stithians
11 Feb vs St Benedict’s won 29-12
12 Feb vs International School of South Africa won 32-15
12 Feb vs Westville won 36-15
12 Feb vs St John’s College won 32-24 (quarter-final)
13 Feb vs Michaelhouse won 33-21 (semi-final)
13 Feb vs St Albans won 41-35 (St Stithians tournament final)

26 Feb vs Westville won 31-19

And one game to go in the first term, at 2.30pm Thursday, 3 March 2022 against Clifton away at Riverside.

Kearsney U16A team vs Clifton
Tshepiso Mokoena, Reabetswe Sithole, Ntsika Mfayela, Matthew Shepherd, Connor Grenfell, Motheo Ramoriting, Gareth Fly, Kemani Mabaso
Coach: A Ntshingila

Well done to the Kearsney U16A basketball players and their coaches.


… and did it again at the St Stithians tournament in Johannesburg a week later.

Winning weekend for Maritzburg College basketball

There were 22 Maritzburg College basketball teams in action over the weekend, with most of the matches being played on the Maritzburg College campus against Northwood.

The Maritzburg College 1st team played away against Durban High School and achieved an excellent victory by 70 points to 42.

Feature pic: The splendid basketball venue at Durban High School.

It was a most successful weekend across the board for Maritzburg College basketball with 19 victories out of the 22 matches played.

1st vs DHS won 70-42
2nd vs Northwood won 38-17
3rd vs Northwood lost 27-31
4th vs Northwood won 22-17
5th vs Northwood lost 27-35
U16A vs Northwood won 43-32
U16B vs Northwood won 22-14
U16C vs Northwood won 22-21
U16D vs Northwood won 42-6
U15A vs Northwood won 50-18
U15B vs Northwood won 54-19
U15C vs Northwood won 17-7
U15D vs Northwood won 18-3
U15E vs Northwood lost 6-12
U14A vs Northwood won 32-27
U14B vs Northwood won 18-9
U14C vs Northwood won 34-4
U14D vs Northwood won 15-2
U14E vs Northwood won 24-5
U14F vs Northwood won 24-0
U14G vs Northwood won 23-0
U14H vs Northwood won 12-0

Maritzburg College basketballers’ 100% win record

Apart from the success Maritzburg College enjoyed in the MyLife Dusi Canoe marathon over the weekend, there was also much to savour on the Red Black and White basketball courts.

The Maritzburg College first basketball team won the U19 tournament that was hosted at the school, as well as emerging victorious in the concurrent U14 event.

Feature photo caption: College’s victorious U14 basketball team won all their matches and the junior section of College’s basketball tournament hosted this week.

Competing with 9 other schools, College won the U19 final 91-67 against Northwood while the Red Black and White’s U14A team beat their Northwood counterparts 50-36 in the U14 event’s final.

The Maritzburg College first team won their preliminary round matches in the U19 section by 95-55 over Kearsney College, by 111-18 against Linpark, by 61-13 versus Port Shepstone High School and by 92-67 against Westville Boys’ High.

Maritzburg College firsts beat St Charles College by 13 points (66-53) in the U19 semi-finals before prevailing in the title match as mentioned, 91-67 versus Northwood.

The Maritzburg College U14A team won all their preliminary round matches, 45-22 vs Westville, 63-8 versus Maritzburg Christian School, and 38-17 vs St Charles.

In the U14A semi-finals Maritzburg College beat Kearsney 48-37 before toppling Northwood U14A by 50-36 in that age-group’s final.

The 100% success record of the Maritzburg College basketballers in the week that was began earlier in the week when the boys in Red Black and White won all 7 matches that were played against St Nicholas and Carter High.

Those results
College 2nds 40 St Nicholas 1sts 8
College U16B 21 St Nicholas U16A 4
College U14B 19 St Nicholas U14A 4

And versus Carter – College 1st team won 68-28; the U16A won 65-6, the U15A won 66-1 and the U14A won 36-5.

Meanwhile, it was pretty tough going for the College seconds water polo team who finished 11th in the Logan Stanley 2nd Team Festival, although the last two matches ended with College taking the honours.

College 2nd team water polo results:
vs Northwood 2nds lost 13-0
vs Kearsney 2nds lost 9-8
vs Westville 2nds lost 7-2
vs St Charles 1sts lost 8-7
vs KES lost 8-5
vs Toti won 8-3
vs Glenwood won 9-2

Westville firsts basketball beat DHS for first time in 10 years

Last Friday was one to remember for Westville basketball as the first team beat Durban High School for the first time in 10 years – the final score being 76-70 in favour of the Griffins at their Multi Purpose Centre

This followed another notable win for Westville firsts, that being the 78-70 win over Hilton College.

The last two outings came off the back of the 71-56 away defeat to the strong Maritzburg College first team in the PMB school’s Alan Paton Hall on the first Saturday of the new school term.

This certainly seems to be a vibrant sports code at Westville that is going from strength to strength.




Teams in bold have won 3 from 3 matches this year – the U15 age group particularly dominant.

Basketball vs DHS

1st – (W) 76-70
2nd – (W) 37-5
3rd – (L) 13-14
4th – (L) 26-32
5th – *BYE*

16A – (L) 13-23
16B – (W) 27-19
16C – (W) 21-1
16D – (L) 16-17
16E – (L) 8-9 [vs WBHS 15E]



15A – (W) 26-23
15B – (W) 34-28
15C – (W) 27-4
15D – (W) 13-6
15E – (W) 9-8 [vs WBHS 16E]

14A – (L) 7-29
14B – (W) 8-3
14C – (W) 9-0
14D – (L) 3-2 *OT
14E – (W) 6-2

Summary: Played – 17 Won – 11 Lost – 6



Basketball vs Hilton

1st – (W) 78-70
2nd – (W) 38-13
3rd – (L) 24-39
4th – (L) 19-30
5th – (L) 22-23

16A – (W) 28-21
16B – (L) 21-23
16C – (W) 23-11
16D – (W) 26-13
16E – (W) 27-14




15A – (W) 35-24
15B – (W) 34-26
15C – (W) 14-7
15D – (W) 21-7
15E – (W) 46-4

14A – (L) 21-23
14B – (W) 9-6
14C – (L) 6-7
14D – (W) 25-4
14E – (W) 9-2

P – 20 W – 14 L – 6



Basketball vs Maritzburg College

1st – (L) 71-56
2nd – (W) 39-24
3rd – (W) 27-18
4th – (W) 27-19

16A – (L) 15-28
16B – (L) 15-27
16C – (W) 27-19
16D – (W) 20-19

15A – (W) 30-28
15B – (W) 25-20
15C – (W) 28-18
15D – (L) 15-18
15E – (W) 23-2

14A – (L) 8-20
14B – (L) 5-21
14C – (L) 5-22
14D – (L) 4-18
14E – (L) 9-25
P – 18 W – 9 L – 9

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St Charles College first team basketballers prevail over rising force Hilton College

St Charles College has been one of the dominant schools in KZN basketball over the last two decades and have regularly been ranked in the top 3 nationally.

However, Hilton College under the leadership of basketball director Ayanda Shange, have made a prominent rise in the standings of late. This included a dominant victory at home over the SCC team to start the Stayers’ season in term 4 of 2021.

With exceptional shooting, Hilton were able to beat St Charles College in that Stayers match late last year and signalled their intentions for term 1 in 2022.

Justin Waldman Sports Photography feature photo: St Charles College’s Malachi Prigge was in great form against Hilton College firsts in the SK Arena at Saints on Saturday.

Saints first team basketball head coach Darren Holcomb reports that this past Saturday saw the two teams’ first meeting since and, with limited other sport (especially no cricket) being played due to the inclement weather, the SK Arena at Saints was full of energy.

“With strong crowd support for the home team, St Charles College looked to bounce back.

“The early minutes of the game were uneventful as both teams battled to find their range. Both teams missed opportunities to apply pressure and the game was tightly poised by the end of the first quarter.


A happy St Charles College firsts basketball team with the scoreboard to reflect it. Saints 68 Hilton College 50. Photo by Justin Waldman Sports Photography


Based on the outcome of the Stayers’ match late last year, Hilton perhaps were favoured to win the game on Saturday, but it was the Saints who made the initial run.

“Behind a variety of different defensive looks, which included zone, man and full-court presses, the Saints were able to assert some dominance and jump out to a fair lead by half-time,” said Darren.

“Although no one player can be singled out for SCC, the defensive team energy was outstanding, and they managed to build more and more pressure on Hilton with their full-court press. This led to several Hilton turnovers and easy baskets for the home team.”

St Charles College managed to extend their lead further in the 3rd quarter, with their largest points difference being 26 points.

“With confidence high, the Saints fell into a wonderful team rhythm which allowed very few opportunities for Hilton to fight back and the final score was 68-50 in St Charles College’s favour.”

In the other Saints/Hilton basketball matches, Hilton seconds beat Saints 27-12; Hilton thirds won 21-20; Hilton U16A won 26-25; Hilton U15A lost 33-19; Hilton U14A won 19-18.

The U16A and U14A matches, just one point in it, as in the third team match. Gripping stuff for players, coaches and spectators.

St Charles and Hilton compete

The Hilton College first XI had a good workout in beating a Tuskers Academy XI by 72 runs in a T20 match on the Hart-Davis Oval at Hilton on Thursday afternoon, the Hiltonians compiling 143 for 6 in their 20 overs, to which Tuskers replied with 71 all out.

Saturday on the St Charles College Oval is what is a keenly anticipated fixture against the hosts school’s first XI but indications suggest the weather may be the main player in  this one. More’s the pity as it looks to be a contest between two sides who have shown much promise to date.

Certain basketball fixtures could also be decimated by the prevailing wet weather although those taking place in the indoor arena are not affected.

The first team basketball clash is set for 1.30pm in that SK Arena at Saints.

The Hilton firsts basketball team for the match is:
Michael Fox, Kwame Huyberechts, Kediretswe Mbaakanyi, Chisha Mulenga, Saphiwa Nzimande, Qhawe Soji (vice-capt), Nic Thorburn, Roelf van der Merwe (capt), David Tshebi, Tiisano Tisane, Declan Sawyer and Oyisa Pupuma

The Saints first water polo team take on the Hilton second side in Hilton’s Ducasse Aquatic Centre at 10.30am.

The first team golf match was due to be played from 3.30pm at Victoria Country Club on Friday, 4 February.

Westville dominate on the basketball courts versus Hilton

Results in the 29 January 2022 basketball matches between Westville and Hilton College:

Westville took a 5 from 5 clean-sweep in the U15 age group as well as winning 3 of the  4 premier age-group matches.

Westville Basketball Results vs Hilton

1st – (W) 78-70

2nd – (W) 38-13

3rd – (L) 24-39

4th – (L) 19-30

5th – (L) 22-23

16A – (W) 28-21

16B – (L) 21-23

16C – (W) 23-11

16D – (W) 26-13

16E – (W) 27-14


15A – (W) 35-24

15B – (W) 34-26

15C – (W) 14-7

15D – (W) 21-7

15E – (W) 46-4


14A – (L) 21-23

14B – (W) 9-6

14C – (L) 6-7

14D – (W) 25-4

14E – (W) 9-2

* Of the 20 matches played, Westville won 14 and Hilton 6

Saints basketball coach commends Maritzburg College’s final-quarter showing

The St Charles College versus Maritzburg College basketball fixture always stirs the emotions and Saturday afternoon’s first team match at Maritzburg College’s Alan Paton Hall was no exception.

St Charles College head of Upper School and first team basketball head coach Darren Holcomb cited the performance of the Maritzburg College first team in the final quarter of the match as having been the decisive period that separated the sides.

Holcomb, himself a former SA basketball player, said: “The game between St Charles College and Maritzburg College is one of the most hyped and anticipated of the season.”

Going into Saturday’s fixture, Darren said the anticipation was even bigger, considering the two teams had split their previous matches. With both teams looking for the defining result, tensions were high, the clash living up to expectations.

“In front of a capacity crowd, the two teams traded baskets with both coaches adjusting defences to keep the opposition on their toes. With a mixture of man-to-man, zone and press defences utilised by both teams, there were regular changes in the lead on the scoreboard.

“Both teams struggled with their outside shooting and as a result relied on aggressive drives to the basket to keep the scores rolling over. Despite the efforts of both teams to extend their leads, the score remained tied up with 6 minutes left to play.”

Darren said that with everything to play for, it was St Charles College who blinked first with a few consecutive turnovers which led to fast-break opportunities and easy scores.

St Charles College, with the momentum against them were forced into a high-risk, high-reward defence to try pull the game back. However, College were up to the task and managed to exchange baskets for the remainder of the quarter.

“College are to be complimented on their play in the final quarter, which was outstanding, and resulted in them sealing the decider between these two fine teams, the final score 81-66 in Maritzburg College’s favour.”

Further info can be found here


Hectic sports weekend at Maritzburg College

It was a jam-packed weekend of sport for Maritzburg College, the Inter-House Athletics Championship setting the tone on Friday, 28 January; four long-standing records tumbling in the 100m and high jump. The school’s team fixtures were mostly against St Charles College.

The cricket summary is here

Closely contested basketball games were the order of the day
, with College winning 15 of their 18 matches, with wins for all the top teams and a 1st team victory of 81-66. In addition, the College U16 side took part in a basketball tournament, going through to the final and finishing in 2nd place overall. College emerged the victors 6-2 in their Top 8 squash encounters against St Charles, and the 1st water polo team enjoyed a 12-2 victory against St Charles in the pool.

Justin Waldman Sports Photography feature photo: Maritzburg College’s Connor Henman in scoring mode during the Red Black and Whites’ 81-66 first team basketball derby win over St Charles College in a busy Alan Paton Hall at Maritzburg College on Saturday afternoon.

In addition, the boys of the RedBlackWhite also took part in Euro Steel Run the River (cross country), the Euro Drak Descent (cycling), and the Drak Challenge (canoeing).

Maritzburg College’s 2022 Inter-House Athletics Championship, held at the athletics stadium across the campus in Princess Margaret Drive, saw some long-standing records tumble with outstanding performances from boys who gave their all for their houses.

One of the top performances came from Neo Mosebi, who Peter Kyle’s record (1974) of 10.60 secs in the U19 100m, with a time of 10.22 secs. Ilunga Kayembe, won the U17 100m record in a time of 10.84 secs. The previous record was 10.90 sec set by Peter Kyle (1974) and matched by N Ndlovu in 2019.

Records also fell in the field events as Ryan Stockhil cleared an outstanding 2.10 m in the U19 high jump, breaking the record of 2.00m set by Brett Balmer in 1984. Luyanda Kunene won the U17 high jump clearing 1.92m and breaking the long-standing record set by J Pienaar of 1.90m in 1997.

Cross Country/ Trail Running
The Euro Steel Run the Rivers 2022 was a muddy affair; however, the beautiful trails of the KZN Drakensberg foothills did not disappoint.  Three College boys took part in the two-day event, participating in the junior male category; 14.5km on Saturday and 8km on Sunday – the latter became 10km for many of the runners as there was some confusion on the track.

Scot Arnold – 2nd in category/ 6th overall
Riley Kleinhans – 4th in category/ 21st overall
Neil Deyzel – 5th in category/ 34th overall


Saturday’s games at Maritzburg College were fiercely contested encounters, mostly against St Charles College. College’s teams did very well to win 15 of the 18 matches, losing just 3, with wins for all the top teams and a 1st team victory of 81-66. In addition, the College U16 side took part in the Michaelhouse basketball tournament, finishing in 2nd place overall to winners Kearsney College.

1st team report (by Maritzburg College’s Zinhle Cele)

College’s 1st team came out with a lot to prove. St Charles is always a festive fixture, and this day was no different, with parents and fellow students out in numbers, the 1st team had a loud and lively support system. The first half of the game was a bit of a roller coaster with the lead changing hands between the two teams a few times. The team talk at half time seemed to unlock a renewed drive in the College boys which we hadn’t seen so far in the game. They played with urgency and gusto and quickly started to push a win further and further from St Charles’ view.

Caleb Janse Van Rensburg and Connor Henman both proved to be a problem for St Charles, dropping 12 points each. Onlookers were also treated to a superior performance from Mkhize who contributed the most points (16) to his side, as well as exemplary defence from Mthimkhulu. In the end, synergy and team spirit clenched the win for College.

Summary of Basketball Scores vs SCC:

1st won 81-66

2nd lost 17-25

3rd won 31-30

4th lost 23-29

5th lost 11-13

U16A won 32-12

U16B won 22-17

U16C won 26-18

U16D won 29-5

U15A won 33-21

U15B won 27-12

U15C won 28-4

U15D won 30-0

U14A won 45-7

U14B won 29-19

U14C won 37-2

U14D won 13-3

U14E won 28-0

U16 Basketball Tournament

College’s U16 team won all but one of their pool games in the U16 tournament.

College vs SCC won 21-11

College vs Kearsney drew 23-23

College vs Michaelhouse won 21-11

College vs Invitational Team won 105-6

College vs DHS won 32-23

In the quarter finals they beat Westville 20-12 and emerged the winners against Michaelhouse 20-14 in the semi-final. In the final, they faced Kearsney and lost narrowly 25-29.

Several Maritzburg College boys took part in the 2-day Drak Challenge, well supported by College’s new coach and Olympic star, Bridgitte Hartley.

Joshua Glyn Cuthbert 7th
Ian Hemmingway 12th
James Goble 13th
Kent Rhodes 14th
James Sharpe 16th
Chris Adam 22nd
Ross Finnie 25th

James Odell 15th

Bridgitte Hartley finished in 4th place in the ladies’ race and was the first sub-vet lady home.


Match Report (by Alan McGuigan – MIC Squash at Maritzburg College)

College came out the victors 6-2 in their Top 8 squash encounters against St Charles. There were several strong performances from the College boys; in particular Matt Mason (College’s no.2) & Shrivar Maharaj (no.1) who fought back from 1-2 & 0-2 respectively in their matches to both win 3-2.

In the KZN Junior Squash Tournament (individual event) held at Westville Country Club from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 January, College boys were placed in all three age categories:

U/19 Division:
Shrivar Maharaj – 3rd
Matthew Mason – 4th
Nikhiel Moodley – 8th

U/16 Division:
William Galliers – 9th
Veer Premchund – 13th

U/14 Division:
Talik Nana – 1st

In the Hilton Invitational Gala, College’s A squad came 2nd to Kearsney by 3 points, while the B squad won their section of the gala.

College’s tennis teams had mid-week fixtures against Hilton College and Michaelhouse.
U19 College A vs MHS B won 8-4; U19 College B vs HC A lost 0-12
U15 College A vs MHS A won 7-5; U15 College B vs HC B drew 6-6

Water polo
College fielded 7 teams against St Charles and Michaelhouse over the weekend; the 1st team secure a 12-2 win.

 1st team report (Darren Sherriff – Maritzburg College director of aquatics)

The 1st team game against St Charles started in a competitive fashion and College had a small lead of 2 goals at the end of the 1st chukka. St Charles got onto the score board with a penalty in the 2nd chukka, but College then extended their lead to 6-1. In the 3rd chukka, College managed 1 goal and St Charles pulled 1 back as well to bring the score 7-2. College came out firing in the last chukka and scored 5 goals bringing the final score to 12-2 in College’s favour.

 Summary of scores:
1st vs SCC won 12-2
2nd VS MHS lost 5-9
3rd vs SCC 2nd won 8-5
U15A vs SCC won 12-0
U15B vs MHS lost 0-14
U14A vs MHS lost 0-14
U14B vs MHS lost 0-15

Michaelhouse away at DHS



The Michaelhouse first XI travel to the Berea in Durban where they take on the DHS first XI in a 50-over match on School’s Theobalds Oval come the 9am start Saturday.

Michaelhouse first XI vs DHS: Joshua Heath, James Kennedy, Robbie Lawrence, Luke Jankowitz, Michael Thornton, Jeremy Foss (capt), Duncan Davies-Webb, Murray Baker, Josh Kirsten (vice-capt), Kamo Rathepe, Tom McCall. Coaching staff: Ian Crawford and Darryn Mortimer.

The 2pm first team basketball match at DHS sees the following
Michaelhouse first team line-up: Luke Farndell, Matt de Villiers, Diego Fernandes, Lucky Mabuza (capt), Chris Masefield, Nathi Kumalo, Dwayne Mlaba, Abongile Xulu, Jordan Baxter, Dalitso Simwinwa, Sentso Tlelai. Coach: N Ngcobo