Twizza Glenwood 7’s Results

Westville Boys continued their fine form this season by capturing the Twizza 7’s tournament  crown in the U17 age group.

In the U15 age group the youngsters from Maritzburg College also booked their place in the champions Tournament scheduled for the 18th and 19th October.


Weekend Results:




Pitch 2 Friday 16 August
Time Team A       Team B
15h00 Kearsney 42 vs 0 Westville 2
15h20 Westville 35 vs 0 Clifton
15h40 Glenwood 2 24 vs 5 Pioneer
16h00 Die Anker 45 vs 0 HS Vryheid
16h20 Northwood 52 vs 0 Clifton
16h40 M College 55 vs 5 Westville 2
17h00 Glenwood 55 vs 0 HS Vryheid
17h20 DHS 28 vs 0 Pioneer
Pitch 2 Saturday 17 August
08h00 DHS 5 vs 31 Glenwood 2
08h20 Glenwood 29 vs 0 Die Anker
08h40 M College 40 vs 14 Kearsney
09h00 Northwood 14 vs 24 Westville
Cup Quarter Finals
09h30 Glenwood 21 vs 22 DHS
09h50 Glenwood 2 12 vs 17 Die Anker
10h10 Westville 28 vs 7 Kearsney
10h30 M College 31 vs 5 Northwood
Bowl Semi Finals
10h50 HS Vryheid 14 vs 22 Pioneer
11h10 Clifton 12 vs 5 Westville 2
Plate Semi Finals
11h30 Glenwood 27 vs 14 Glenwood 2
11h50 Kearsney 26 vs 5 Northwood
Cup Semi Finals
12h10 DHS 12 vs 19 Die Anker
12h30 Westville 0 vs 17 M College
Shield Final
12h50 HS Vryheid 0 vs 33 Westville 2
Bowl Final
13h10 Pioneer 5 vs 12 Clifton
7th & 8th Playoff
13h30 Glenwood 2 24 vs 21 Northwood
Plate Final
13h50 Glenwood 33 vs 0 Kearsney
3rd & 4th Playoff
14h10 DHS 7 vs 31 Westville
Cup Final
14h30 Die Anker 14 vs 38 M College




Pitch 1 Friday 16 August
Time Team A       Team B
15h00 Northwood 24 vs 12 Glenwood 2
15h20 Kearsney 68 vs 0 Kenyan Inv
15h40 DHS 39 vs 21 HS Vryheid
16h00 Pioneer 12 vs 45 Die Anker
16h20 Westville 2 61 vs 0 Kenyan Inv
16h40 M College 29 vs 19 Glenwood 2
17h00 Glenwood 26 vs 7 Die Anker
17h20 Westville 43 vs 7 HS Vryheid
Pitch 1 Saturday 17 August
08h00 Westville 19 vs 12 DHS
08h20 Glenwood 41 vs 5 Pioneer
08h40 M College 0 vs 31 Northwood
09h00 Westville 2 7 vs 24 Kearsney
Cup Quarter Finals
09h30 Glenwood 28 vs 19 DHS
09h50 Westville 35 vs 0 Die Anker
10h10 Kearsney 31 vs 28 M College
10h30 Northwood 35 vs 17 Westville 2
Bowl Semi Finals
10h50 Pioneer 28 vs 28 HS Vryheid
11h10 Kenyan Inv 0 vs 70 Westville 2
Plate Semi Finals
11h30 DHS 17 vs 12 Die Anker
11h50 M College 10 vs 0 Northwood
Cup Semi Finals
12h10 Glenwood 14 vs 24 Westville
12h30 Kearsney 29 vs 27 M College
Shield Final
12h50 HS Vryheid 32 vs 7 Kenyan Inv
Bowl Final
13h10 Pioneer 17 vs 28 Glenwood 2
7th & 8th Playoff
13h30 Die Anker 29 vs 7 Westville 2
Plate Final
13h50 DHS 21 vs 7 M College
3rd & 4th Playoff
14h10 Glenwood 33 vs 28 Northwood
Cup Final
14h30 Westville 42 vs 0 Kearsney


There are 5 Twizza tournaments scheduled for this up coming weekend so the 7’s circuit is heating up as the schools compete for the Twizza 7’s Series crown.

Twizza Glenwood 7s Rugby Tournament – Fixtures

We are just a few days away from the kick off of the Twizza 7’s series and the excitement amongst supporters, players and organisers is palpable.

Glenwood High School marks the launch pad for the 2019 series which will run over the next two months and span the length and breadth of South Africa.

With the support of generous sponsors such as Twizza the tournament has taken a noticeable step forward in 2019. In the brand’s first year associated with rugby 7’s(2018) there were only 11 tournaments but that figure is now up to 18, a clear sign of growth for the format.



The 7’s series forms part of the Komani based companies considerable support for South African school sports, with Twizza being also heavily supportive of both Netball and Athletics.

This year the Glenwood tournament will again include an U15 and U17 competition. From a KZN10 perspective Midlands heavyweights Hilton College, Michaelhouse and St Charles College are not competing in any of the age groups.


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The winner will automatically qualify for the Champions Tournament which will be held in 2 months time.


U15 Pools Pitch 2


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Glenwood DHS Northwood Maritzburg College
Die Anker Glenwood 2 Westville Kearsney
HS Vryheid Pioneer Clifton Westville 2


Pitch 2 Pool Fixtures Friday 16 August
Time Team A   Team B
15h00 Kearsney vs Westville 2
15h20 Westville vs Clifton
15h40 Glenwood 2 vs Pioneer
16h00 Die Anker vs HS Vryheid
16h20 Northwood vs Clifton
16h40 M College vs Westville 2
17h00 Glenwood vs HS Vryheid
17h20 DHS vs Pioneer
Pitch 2 Pool Fixtures Saturday 17 August
08h00 DHS vs Glenwood 2
08h20 Glenwood vs Die Anker
08h40 M College vs Kearsney
09h00 Northwood vs Westville


U17 Pools Pitch 1


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Glenwood DHS Westville 2 Maritzburg College
Die Anker Westville Kearsney Northwood
Pioneer HS Vryheaid Kenyan Inv Glenwood 2


Pitch 1 Pool Fixtures Friday 16 August
Time Team A   Team B
15h00 Northwood vs Glenwood 2
15h20 Kearsney vs Kenyan Inv
15h40 DHS vs HS Vryheid
16h00 Pioneer vs Die Anker
16h20 Westville 2 vs Kenyan Inv
16h40 M College vs Glenwood 2
17h00 Glenwood vs Die Anker
17h20 Westville vs HS Vryheid
Pitch 1 Pool Fixtures Saturday 17 August
08h00 Westville vs DHS
08h20 Glenwood vs Pioneer
08h40 M College vs Northwood
09h00 Westville 2 vs Kearsney


The knock out rounds in both age groups will begin at 09:30 on Saturday morning and end at 14:30 with the Cup Finals. The action should be fast and frenetic as the KZN lads vie for the right to enter the Champions Tournament. All the best for the teams competing.


Mpumelelo Mhlongo’s Tokyo 2020 dream

The unfolding journey of Kearsney College old boy Mpumelelo Mhlongo and his Tokyo 2020 dream has many rooting for the young man from Durban.

Being born with amniotic band syndrome left him with a shorter right leg, a deformed club foot and several deformed fingers.

For many with such disabilities on the African continent the future would indeed look bleak. Stigmatisation and exclusion from many societal norms dooms many to a life of poverty and lack of opportunity.

Told he would never walk by the medical fraternity Mhlongo defied all the odds by taking his first steps at 6 years old and has been moving since.

Out of great tragedy comes new life.

His records bear testament to the work that he has put in.

He is currently the South African 100m and 200m champion and the All-Africa record holder in the 100m, 200m, long and high jump for my para athletic category.

He is also the world record holder for the T44 men’s 200m and long jump, and pending ratification will also hold the 100m world record.

The opportunities he has received has left Mpumelelo with deep sense of gratitude and a desire to give back to the community that is so dear to his heart.

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One of those opportunities was receiving a scholarship at Kearsney College where he eventually rose to the level of Captaining his more able bodied school mates. It was during this time that he developed his great drive for sports.

He is presently completing his Phd at the University of Cape Town whilst also pursuing his Tokyo 2020 dream. It seems that everything he touches turns to gold as he has won undergrade Sportsperson of the Year, for an unprecedented, four years in a row.

Mpumi now aims to use his story, journey and eventual success in Tokyo, to put a deserved global spotlight on Africa’s indomitable para athletic talent.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”—Malcolm S. Forbes.

Truer have never been spoken and we wish Mpumelelo well as he reaches for his dream.



If you want to follow Mpumis journey here are his details:





World Rugby trial new laws

With the increased pace at which the modern game is played and the physical conditioning of the modern school boy, there are a couple interesting rule changes in the offing that may have a large impact on the way the game is played.

Of particular concern for the law makers is the tackle area which has gone through numerous rule changes to make the game safer over the last 2 decades.

With the bone jarring nature of hulking physical specimens crashing into each other its no surprise that the tackle area is responsible for whopping 50 per cent of all match injuries.

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Breaking the stats down further, 76 per cent of all concussions occur at the tackle point with 72 per cent of those seeing the tackler come off second best.

With the rule changes designed to try and facilitate a more free flowing spectacle the amount of time that the ball stays in play has also increased. Since the Rugby World Cup of 1987 the approximate time that the ball stays in play has increased by 50 percent to the 40 minutes of today.

This has given rise to a 252 per cent increase in tackles over the same period, which is why the games administrators are so focused on this facet of the game.

The approved package of six law amendments for trial are:

  • 50:22 kick: If the team in possession kicks the ball from inside their own half indirectly into touch inside their opponents’ 22 or from inside their own 22 into their opponents’ half, they will throw in to the resultant lineout

Rationale: To create space by forcing players to drop back out of the defensive line in order to prevent their opponents from kicking for touch. Approved for closed trial in the National Rugby Championship (NRC) in Australia

  • The High Tackle Technique Warning This has been successfully trialled at the World Rugby U20 Championship for the last two years reducing the incidence of concussion by more than 50 per cent

Rationale: Head Injury prevention strategy. Approved for further closed trials

  • Reducing the tackle height to the waist. Rationale: Forcing players to tackle lower may reduce the risk of head injuries to both the tackler and tackled player. Approved for closed trials

  • Ability to review a yellow card when a player is in the sin-bin for dangerous foul play: Rationale: To ensure players who are guilty of serious foul play do not escape with a yellow card when they deserved red. Approved for closed trials

  • The introduction of an infringement (penalty and free-kick) limit for teams. Once a team has reached the limit, a mandatory yellow card is given to the last offending player as a team sanction. Rationale: To encourage teams to offend less. Approved for closed trial in the National Rugby Championship in Australia

  • The awarding of a goal-line drop-out to the defending team when an attacking player, who brings the ball into in-goal, is held up. Rationale: To reward good defence and promote a faster rate of play. Approved for closed trial in the National Rugby Championship in Australia

It remains to be seen how many of the laws will make it through to full blown adoption but the changes certainly seem to be a step in the right direction trying to make the game safer. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


Weekend Soccer Results 11 August

Soccer season has been in full flow as most KZN10 schools have played a number of inter schools fixtures.

This weekend however was a midterm break of sorts as only Michaelhouse and Hilton College competed against each other.


Results vs Michaelhouse


2nd       3rd       4th       5th
1 ~ 2       0 ~ 1       1 ~ 3       3 ~ 3
6th       7th       8th
4 ~ 0       3 ~ 1       0 ~ 0
U16A       U16B       U16C       U14E
1 ~ 3       3 ~ 2       0 ~ 2       0 ~ 1
U15B       U15C       U15D       U15E
2 ~ 0       3 ~ 1       2 ~ 0       0 ~ 5
U14A       U14B       U14C       U14D
2 ~ 0       1 ~ 0       3 ~ 0       2 ~ 2
Played Won Draw Lost
19 9 3 7


KZN10 also had 3 school head to St Davids Marist Inanda for their 17th annual challenge cup namely Hilton College, Clifton School and Michaelhouse.

There were mixed results over the weekend as the 1st and U15A teams competed. The stand out performance came from the Hilton College U15A who came a credible 4th out of 16 teams.


St Davids Marist Inanda Challenge Cup Results


Hilton College 1st

Prestidge College 3 ~ 2
KES 0 ~ 3
Clifton School 1 ~ 1
Sutherland 1 ~ 1
St Stithians 1 ~ 1
St Benedicts 2 ~ 1

Hilton College U15A

Grey College 1 ~ 1
St Benedicts 1 ~ 0
St Stithians 6 ~ 0
St Johns College 1 ~ 0
KES 0 ~ 1
Grey College 0 ~ 1


Michaelhouse 1st

Parktown Boys 1 ~ 2
St Davids Marist 0 ~ 1
Sutherland 0 ~ 1
Clifton School 2 ~ 0
St Peters College 2 ~ 1
Waterstone College 3 ~ 2

Michaelhouse U15A

Sutherland 2 ~ 2
Norkem Park 1 ~ 5
KES 0 ~ 1
Clifton School 1 ~ 2
Prestige College 2 ~ 2
St Stithians Coollege 2 ~ 1


Clifton School 1st

KES 0 ~ 6
Prestige College 1 ~ 4
Hilton College 1 ~ 1
Michaelhouse 0 ~ 2
Waterstone 2 ~ 1
St Peters 2 ~ 1

Clifton School U15A

Jeppe 0 ~ 6
St Johns College 0 ~ 4
St Peters 2 ~ 2
Michaelhouse 2 ~ 1
St Stithians 0 ~ 3
Prestige College 1 ~ 2


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Belgotex Sport Kearsney Hockey Fives day 2 wrap

It was a great weekend for defending champs, Jeppe Boys of Gauteng(featured Image), as they marched convincingly to retaining their crown at the Belgotex Sport Kearsney Hockey Fives held at Kearsney College.

At the start of play on day 2 it seemed that Pool B could end up being a two horse race between KZN10 rivals Westville boys and Kearsney College. Unfortunately for the KZN lads some inspired play from Parktown Boys saw the Gauteng outfit top the pool ahead of Westville.

This left Westville having to play unbeaten Jeppe in the cross pool semi whilst Parktown took on Grey College in the other cross pool fixture.

The results were as follows:


Perhaps it was only fitting that the final would be between Jeppe and Grey as they both had lethal scorers and resolute defences throughout the tournament.

In the 3/4th placed playoff Pool B rivals, Westville and Parktown, competed to settle some unsettled business.

Jeppe who were the class act on the weekend defeated Grey College 10-3 in the final to convincingly take the title for the 2nd year running.

Westville defeated Parktown in the 3/4th placed playoff to take the Bronze.

Now in its 3rd year the Belgotex Sport Kearsney Hockey Fives tournament is looking set to become a must see weekend in the years to come. Well done to all who were involved.



Kearsney Hockey5’s Day 1 results

The day one results had a settled look about it as Hockey powerhouses, Jeppe and Westville, sit atop their respective pools at the end of Day 1 of the Belgotex Sport Kearsney Hockey Fives tournament at Kearsney College.

Defending champs, Jeppe from Gauteng, are on a considerable tear having gone 4 from 4 on day 1. Most impressive is their strike rate of almost 9 goals for and a paltry 2 against per fixture.

Jeppe boys were in ruthless mode on day 1 of the Belgotex Sport Kearsney Hockey Fives

Pool B leaders, Westville Boys,  are in a tight race for supremacy as they battle it out for top spot with upper highway foes, Kearsney College. Their clash on the last morning will surely determine who ends top of pool and avoid the Jeppe juggernaut in the cross pool playoffs.

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Fellow KZN10 Schools, Michaelhouse and DHS, have found the going tough as they only registered 1 win each. Clifton School are locked in a tight race with Grey College for the 2nd spot in Pool A behind Jeppe. With Cliftons last match against Jeppe it will take a spirited performance from the Durban boys to claim a win with a fair amount of goals.

With the business end of the tournament set for Saturday its set for a thrilling climax.

Michaelhouse and College play to a draw

Michaelhouse and Maritzburg College clashed in a inter schools fixture which resulted in teams playing to a pulsating 1-1 draw.

College came into the fixture on a great run of form having beaten highly fancied Kingsway of Amanzimtoti the day before. The absence of inspirational keeper, Thandolwethu Zondi, and talismanic striker, Tariq Whiteman, could slow down the visitors.

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Michaelhouse started the game like a house on fire and immediately stamped their authority on proceedings. Luc Pousson being instrumental as he bossed the midfield in the opening stages as James Gush had two great scoring opportunities in the opening quarter. Shortly after College keeper, Luyanda Mawela, again saved College by blocking a Thabo Dlamini shot.

After being totally outplayed for most of the half the visitors finally strung some passes together resulting in their best chance of the match as a Monty Dorlly effort crashed in to the cross bar. In a flash the ball was moved up field for fleet-of-foot Thabo Dlamini to coolly slot the opening goal away. 1-0 to the hosts and well deserved for their dominant 1st half performace.

Maritizburg College 1st team against Michaelhouse.

College needed to raise the tempo in the second half, and that they did, as they pressured the Michaelhouse midfield. A sustained period resulted in College Striker, Nhlakanipho Khubeka, being brought down in the area. Captain Cool, Lwazi Zondi, wasted no time in slotting the penalty passed Michaelhouse keeper, Noah Stanger making the scores 1-1.

It was game on as the teams entered the last quarter of the match with the action being fast and frenetic as the teams moved up and down the pitch. Both goalmouths witnessed mad scrambled clearances as the two teams searched for the winner.

The game ended in a stalemate as the ref blew his whistle on a thoroughly entertaining match. Credit to College for the way they played particularly after they were reduced to 10 men after a sending off of one of their players.

Michaelhouse next head to the St Davids challenge cup with a nicely balanced team anchored by their man at the back Noah Stanger. College can finally have a break after a busy last few weeks


Michaelhouse: 1 (Thabo Dlamini)
Maritzburg College 1 (Lwazi Zondi)


Team Lists

Michaelhouse: 1 Noah Stanger (c), 3 Luc Pousson, 8 Nick Crampton, 5 Michael Bradford, 6 Mugabi Lubinga, 2 James Gush, 7 Gareth Kemp, 4 Michael Ross, 13 Alex Vermeulen, 9 Thabo Dlamini (vc)
18 Matthew Craigie-Stevenson

Head coach Ryan van Wyk

College: 16 Luyanda Mawela, 2 Monty Dorlly, 12 Zusiphe Gxarisa, 3 Nhlakanipho Phenyane, 5 Nqululeko Zondo, 13 Theo Hlatswayo,8 Bayanda Gumbi, 10 Lwazi Zondi (c), 14 Chad Desplace, 7 Nhlakanipho Khubeka (vc), 11 Nqibelelo Msiya

4 Riley Naidoo
9 Billy Brooks

Head coach
Daniel Haswell

KZN10 soccer goes national

This weekend marks the 17th edition of the St Davids Marist Inanda Challenge cup tournament with 3 KZN10 schools flying the footballing flag. With local schools Hilton College, Michaelhouse and Clifton School sending a combined 5 teams the boys from KZN are sure to make an impact.

The Soccer bonanza boasts 16 teams from all over the country highlighting the popularity of Schoolboy Soccer.

Hilton College were the highest placed KZN team last year finishing 9th so there is ample room for the KZN schools to stamp their authourity onto the national football stage.

An added fillip this year is that Schools Sports Live will be streaming the games on the main field on Saturday and Sunday.

Be sure to subscribe and ring the bell for notifications of streaming:




Here is to great weekends Soccer action.

Belgotex Sport Kearsney Hockey Fives 2019

Tomorrow marks the start of the 3rd Belgotex Sport Kearsney Hockey Fives tournament to be played on the Masons Astro at Kearsney College. The tournament now entering its 3rd year is building on a marked upswing in the popularity of the format since the introduction of the format at the 2014 Youth Olympic games in Nanjing, China.

Hockey 5s is based on the format of the highly successful T20 cricket, Sevens Rugby and Basketball 3on3 models, with shorter matches and faster paced action. With these modifications it is sure to be an exhilarating and enjoyable game for both players and spectators this coming weekend.

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There had been rumours that the marked success of the short format, particularly at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, may prompt the FIH(Hockey’s governing body) to scrap the 11 v 11 format for future Olympic games but this option was not taken further.

Participating boys high school teams include Clifton College, DHS, Garsfontein, Grey College, Jeppe Boys, Kearsney College, Michaelhouse, Parktown, St Andrews, Thomas More College, Waterkloof and Westville Boys’ High School.

Primary school teams taking part are Ashton, Bonisanani, Curro HCA, Highbury, Hillcrest Senior Primary, Northlands, Reddam Umhlanga, St Peters, Umhlali Prep and Westville Senior Primary School.

For a full set of fixtures and times Click here.

From Thursday 8 August – Sunday 11 August the action is sure to fierce. For a festive way to spend your long weekend head down to Bothas Hill.