Twizza Glenwood 7s Rugby Tournament – Fixtures

We are just a few days away from the kick off of the Twizza 7’s series and the excitement amongst supporters, players and organisers is palpable.

Glenwood High School marks the launch pad for the 2019 series which will run over the next two months and span the length and breadth of South Africa.

With the support of generous sponsors such as Twizza the tournament has taken a noticeable step forward in 2019. In the brand’s first year associated with rugby 7’s(2018) there were only 11 tournaments but that figure is now up to 18, a clear sign of growth for the format.



The 7’s series forms part of the Komani based companies considerable support for South African school sports, with Twizza being also heavily supportive of both Netball and Athletics.

This year the Glenwood tournament will again include an U15 and U17 competition. From a KZN10 perspective Midlands heavyweights Hilton College, Michaelhouse and St Charles College are not competing in any of the age groups.


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The winner will automatically qualify for the Champions Tournament which will be held in 2 months time.


U15 Pools Pitch 2


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Glenwood DHS Northwood Maritzburg College
Die Anker Glenwood 2 Westville Kearsney
HS Vryheid Pioneer Clifton Westville 2


Pitch 2 Pool Fixtures Friday 16 August
Time Team A   Team B
15h00 Kearsney vs Westville 2
15h20 Westville vs Clifton
15h40 Glenwood 2 vs Pioneer
16h00 Die Anker vs HS Vryheid
16h20 Northwood vs Clifton
16h40 M College vs Westville 2
17h00 Glenwood vs HS Vryheid
17h20 DHS vs Pioneer
Pitch 2 Pool Fixtures Saturday 17 August
08h00 DHS vs Glenwood 2
08h20 Glenwood vs Die Anker
08h40 M College vs Kearsney
09h00 Northwood vs Westville


U17 Pools Pitch 1


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Glenwood DHS Westville 2 Maritzburg College
Die Anker Westville Kearsney Northwood
Pioneer HS Vryheaid Kenyan Inv Glenwood 2


Pitch 1 Pool Fixtures Friday 16 August
Time Team A   Team B
15h00 Northwood vs Glenwood 2
15h20 Kearsney vs Kenyan Inv
15h40 DHS vs HS Vryheid
16h00 Pioneer vs Die Anker
16h20 Westville 2 vs Kenyan Inv
16h40 M College vs Glenwood 2
17h00 Glenwood vs Die Anker
17h20 Westville vs HS Vryheid
Pitch 1 Pool Fixtures Saturday 17 August
08h00 Westville vs DHS
08h20 Glenwood vs Pioneer
08h40 M College vs Northwood
09h00 Westville 2 vs Kearsney


The knock out rounds in both age groups will begin at 09:30 on Saturday morning and end at 14:30 with the Cup Finals. The action should be fast and frenetic as the KZN lads vie for the right to enter the Champions Tournament. All the best for the teams competing.


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