Should schools reward skills or talent?

Seth Godin, who writes an insightful daily blog on anything and everything pertaining to the human condition, has this to say today.
I’d like to know what you think.

Over to Seth: “Talent is something you’re born with. Skill is something you earn.

“Skill comes from commitment and practice and self-discipline. The skill of earning skills is a lifelong advantage.


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“Without a doubt, encouraging boys to leverage their talents is a skill. And yet…

“Who gets to be the playmaker in the boys’ basketball first team – the tall kid? Or the one who practises the most diligently and brings the most teamwork to the game?

“Who gets an ‘A’ in maths – the one who can breeze through the tests or the student who asks intelligent questions and challenges the assumptions?


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“Who gets into a fancy varsity…

“You get the idea.

“Leaders talk about developing real skills and encouraging people to develop into their full potential but – too often – we take the short-term path of betting on raw talent instead.


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“And of course, what looks like raw talent might not be. It could simply be our confusion about first impressions compared to the power of commitment and persistence.”

*A couple of words have been changed to suit the theme.


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