It’s TIME ⌚!!!! 😁

by Jos Robson & Ryan Lawler

St Charles College vs Maritzburg College – Saturday, 17th March – the wait is finally over.

In 1882, St Charles played against Maritzburg College for the first time. The schools then played each other on regular occasions from the 1930’s up until 1977. During this early period, St Charles got given the nickname “The Amalekites”.

This stems from the colours of St Charles’ blazer but what also contributed to the fact of the spirited school was the small number of boys the 1st Teams could choose from and yet, the spirit of the boys is what kept them together and which saw them “fight, until they can fight no more”.

This has seen a 41 year period where the schools have not played each other in a full set of fixtures.

With just 10 school days to go until the rivalry is once again ignited, we look forward to a healthy, competitive day of winter sport.

The 1st XI hockey are due to start at 10:20am and the 1st XV will kick off at approximately 2:45pm on Goldstones.

Feelings are temporary, beliefs are forever!

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