Clifton head boy Jack Koch reflects on his year

LIKE all our KZN10 head boys, it’s been an extremely busy year for Clifton’s Jack Koch. Be it on the rugby field, in the water polo pool, at the classroom or during the many and varied school functions, Jack’s been there – and then some. wanted to find out more as far as what Jack’s leadership position had taught him about himself, and what insights would be of use to the 2019 school leadership group.

Feature image: Clifton head boy Jack Koch played his 100th first team water polo game at the 2018 JAM Clifton Water Polo Tournament. Jack and the team celebrated his century with a 10-4 win over St Albans.

Hi Jack, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

“Thank you very much for this opportunity.”

1 What was the biggest takeaway in terms of what you have learnt as head of school?


Jack Koch on speech night when he was voted in as Clifton head boy 2018. Alongside him are his deputies Emihle Mbambisa and Matt Montgomery.


“I have learnt so much.

“Primarily I have had to learn to prioritise my time and try and keep a balance in all things I do.

“I think this is an invaluable lesson that I will take with me after Clifton.

“I have also had to learn to delegate and trust the team around me.


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“I have been very fortunate in having a very strong and supportive prefect body and deputies.

“Leading the school is a task not to be taken lightly, however. I believe it is one that has built my character.

“A lot of what I have learnt is from using the support I have been given to develop my own leadership style.”

2 As head of the learner body, what was your highlight of the year?


Clifton head boy Jack Koch leads the School War Cry after The Durban North Derby: Clifton 1st XV vs Northwood 1st XV.


“It is very hard to pinpoint one experience from this year, as there have been so many, and for that reason I have tried to savour each moment.

“Matric is a year of lasts and I have felt great pride and emotion at each milestone.

“Clifton is still a relatively young school which means we are constantly reaching new heights.

“I know when I hand the Blazer on to the next head boy [on November 30] I will look back on an incredible year filled with high points.”


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3 What is the one best piece of advice you would give to the head boy of next year and his prefect group?

“I would encourage the head boy and his prefect group to always lead by example and to lead from the front, which is something to which I have always held myself.

“When I was in my first year of high school, I remember looking up to the great example set by my head boy at the time.

“It is important for the head of school to set a standard to which the rest of the boys can strive.

“I would also encourage servant leadership, because it is not about ego or prestige, it’s rather about giving back to my school that has given me so much.”


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Jack, I think you have hit the nail on the head with every answer.

Thank you for your insight into the experience of being a school leader.

Best wishes for the future from me personally and I would assume all in the KZN10 Family.


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