Boxes, tin pots & traditional healers: It’s Saints Community Cricket Day!

RUMOUR has it that Dads have been stretching hammies and dusting off their faulty footwork at pre-dawn indoor sessions in an as-yet-unnamed cricket net location ahead of the long-awaited St Charles College Community Cricket Day.

Yes folks, D-Day is nigh and it’s all playing out on Saints Super Saturday November 24.

TEN of the remarkable 12 cricket grounds on the St Charles College campus will be put to the test by no less than 12 matches including a scatterling of mini-matches.


Make sure you’re ready for your D-Day Driving Test.


From Grade 0 Dads and Lads Scrummies putting bat to ball on the Saints Oval at 7.30am.

To Saints’ U9A, U10A, U11A, Prep firsts in Dads’ and their Lads’ Twenty20 action on a multitude of campus cricket grounds from 8.30am.

To the Middle School’s U14A, U15A and U15B Dads and Lads T20 Battles of The Big Bashers.


A sticky wicket makes for messy backyard cricket. Take action before it’s too late. John Smithers may Travis klap your bowling and poleaxe your middle stump.


Keep an eye on low-flying cricket balls if you’re anywhere near a boundary rope – or anywhere, for that matter.

The Big Guns take to the Saints Oval for the 8.30am curtain raiser-to-the curtain raiser, the Super Sixes (aka Clash of the Titans) dust-up between the Old Boys’ Legends and the Saints Staff Old Crocs.

Once the 10am bell chimes things get a little more athletic when the lithe Staff Young Guns tackle the sprightly Old Boys’ Invitational XI.


Saints captain & KZN Inland U19’s Nate Benjamin (back, 3rd from right) and his St Charles College first XI are in buoyant mood ahead of the T20 with the Old Boys Select XI.


Unsubstantiated conjecture suggests that the loosely termed (?) Old Boys Invitational (?) XI (who’s counting) is going to spring some big names out of the cobweb-covered yearbooks of yesteryear.

Substantiated conjecture has confirmed that the Saints Staff Young Guns, perhaps buoyed by the as-yet-untested elixir of youth, are unmoved.

Definitely the best part of the day is the end-of-season braai and prize-giving which kicks off at High Noon around the splendid Saints Oval.


THE OVAL: The splendid St Charles College Oval is the place to be on Super Saturday. Bring, Braai & Big Screen makes for lots of fun.


Adding further spice to the fare on offer is The Big Show – as Moms Dads Lads Brothers Sisters Aunties Uncles Extended Families braai -the Big Guns come out to play.

The 2018 St Charles College first XI crosses swords with an Old Boys Select XI from 1pm. Last year’s inaugural SCC CCD main match was a cracker. This one should be no different.

And once again, for the more paranoid among us, like this KZN10 scribe, we (or is it just me?) are fretting at the loose-fitting name of the (which?) Old (really?) Boys (Not!) Select (by whom, pray tell?) XI (who’s going to be counting the no. of fielders again, Gary Ritchie?).


Definitely not Jono, Worms or John Mitchell. Nicole, it’s the guy who is making Jono a late-night quivering wreck. U.S. whodunnit writer Harlan Coben.


But then again I’ve been reading too much Jeff Deaver/John Verdon/Harlan Coben lately.

Last year’s inaugural Saints Community Cricket Day was an unqualified success.

This one’s going to be a blockbuster.

Spare a thought for grounds curator Pete Allan & staff this week.


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The weather forecast is good, thank goodness, so I’ll check you at Saints see?

* By the way, some of the above was said in jest and was liberally sprinkled with Jono insights-that-aren’t.


Dads & Lads, Super Sixes stem from clear, comfortable vision.


Seriously, here are The Suggested Rules

Dads, remember it’s intended to be a fun morning of cricket.

Dads may be substituted by moms, brothers, uncles, aunties, grandparents etc. Dads, don’t get shown up by Aunty Mavis.


Dads, explore your options. Get expert advice on easy buy-to-let UK property investing from the expert, Arthur Wormington.

Formats are flexible depending on numbers; batting and bowling should be in pairs so that dads get to bowl to their sons and vice-versa.

Each batting pair will face a limited number of overs and bowlers are restricted to a 6-pace run-up.

The Chiefs at each field will supply match balls, stumps and will direct proceedings to start with.

Some Chiefs may head off to play in Old Boys/Staff teams on the Oval.


Superb CNN Inside Africa doccie. Midlands Meander’s 5-star Fordoun Hotel & Spa 14:23 to 15:46 Fordoun’s celebrated traditional healer Elliot Ndlovu & 120 medicinal plant species. Dads… u know where to go Sunday.


* Social Information

Dads & Lads games are due to finish between 11.15 and 11.45am.

Please could all participants meet for Prize-Giving above The Oval at 12pm.

Thereafter, families and teams are invited to bring-and-braai around The Oval and enjoy the main game.


Neither Art Garfunkel nor your worst nightmare. It’s Jono’s late-nite nemesis Jeffrey Deaver of the never-ending, spine-chilling, whodunnits.


The following will be provided: braai fires, rolls, salads, paper plates, plastic cutlery – and the tuck shop will be open.

Please bring your own meat, drinks and chairs.

All festivities will be around The Oval (The Coach House will be closed) and The Boks vs Wales Rugby Test will be on The Oval big screen after the main game.


Dads its T20… Never take your eye off the scoreboard.


For parents who live further away and are not able to join us, the event will be live streamed.

Look out for the link, which will be advertised on the Saints social media platforms.

* Dads a final reminder: Do like Dicko – don’t forget to pack your box into the kitbag and liberate 1 of the tin pots in the kitchen to use as a helmet.

* And one more final reminder: Be it Under-9s or higher/lower, your Mini Me’s have been playing cricket 3 times a week and more for the past 3 months.

They’re up for it, have been waging the psychological war over breakfast and dinner all week.


Dads… best bring your own stock of Hill Premium Quality Cricket Balls… because your bowling’s travelling to undiscovered places. Fill up your cart right here.

Your footwork and bowling action has been on the back-burner for so long it’s about as faulty as an Eskom press statement.

Remember: Keep your eye on the ball, ignore the sledging and try be useful out there.

Otherwise you’ll never hear the end of it.


Dads… no use having 3 long stops… even when John Smithers is playing keeper… Get your on-field communication spot on. U need emergency airtime.


Neither Jono nor B.A. Richards. It’s that other source of Jonno’s sleepless nights… American thriller writer John Verdon.

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