Westville vs Maritzburg College rugby wrap

WESTVILLE rounded off the school’s 2018 rugby season on Saturday, 9 June at their Wandsbeck Road, Bowdens, Citadel*. It was Westville Old Boys Day, the visitors Maritzburg College.

Westville first XV won 35-27

Overall rugby results
Westville won 8
Maritzburg College won 12

Picking some of the Westville notables
The first team’s 35-27 win; U16A’s becoming the first side to beat Maritzburg College 16A’s this season (32-22); Westville U15B’s and C’s wins; plus 4 of their five U14 teams taking the spoils.

Photos by Keiya Davies… As Rose Henshaw says, “Awesome photos Keiya!

Picking some of the Maritzburg College notables
Victories in 4 of the five U19 matches; 3 of the four U16 matches; and 3 of the five U15 matches; plus the emphatic U14A win.

Reflecting on the age-group first-tier results it was 2 wins apiece
Westville won 1sts and 16A’s with College winning 15A’s and U14A’s.

Overall points scored in the 19 matches
Westville 285 (average 15 points per game)
Maritzburg College 565 (average 30 points per game)


Westville scores first

1st XV 35-27
2nds 17-28
3rds 12-55
4ths 0-36
5ths 5-42
6ths 0-47

16A 32-22
16B 17-22
16C 0-34
16D 0-36

15A 15-24
15B 7-0
15C 13-12
15D 5-43
15E 17-40

14A 14-48
14B 14-12
14C 17-15
14D 26-7
14E 39-15

* No need to Google – “Citadel” dit beteken “Fortress” – did the Google myself just in case my brainbox was playing tricks on me.

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