Weather-diluted sports weekend sees only Maritzburg College water polo travel to Glenwood

The heavy rains on Saturday and, possibly even more damaging, those on Friday, put paid to a scheduled busy Saturday of cricket fixtures between Maritzburg College and Glenwood, leaving water polo as the sports code not disrupted by the elements.

Earlier in the week the Maritzburg College tennis and squash sports codes were busy while on Saturday the Maritzburg College canoeists enjoyed success on the Umgeni River during the 17km Dash & Crash.

Maritzburg College’s Joshua Glyn-Cuthbert won the Dash & Crash’s Under-18 K1 race, which bodes well for the Dusi Canoe Marathon.

Maritzburg College canoeing coach Bridgitte Hartley’s canoeing boys are having a productive year as a group.

Maritzburg College’s Dash & Crash Canoeing Results

U18 category
Joshua Glyn-Cuthbert 1st
Ian Hemmingway 5th
James Goble 7th
James Sharpe 8th
Kent Rhodes 9th
Chris Adam 10th
Ross Finnie 27th
U16 category
Scott Adie 15th
U14 category
Scott Venniker 2nd
Nick Adam 6th
Robert Ross/Clint Ross 12th
James Gotte/Gary Behn 21st
Brody Ollerhead/Bryan Goble 56th


The Maritzburg College Top 8 squash side played against Glenwood midweek and put in a sterling performance with each of the players winning their respective matches. College recorded an 8-0 victory.


Maritzburg College’s tennis teams had midweek fixtures against St Charles College, Kearsney College and Hilton College with convincing wins overall for the A teams. For the Maritzburg College B tennis teams it was tough going against the Kearsney and Hilton A teams. That said, and taken in the right context, the boys have learnt and will grow from the defeats.

Tennis results
Maritzburg College A vs St Charles A won 11-1
College B vs Kearsney A lost 12-0
College A vs HC B won 9-3
College B vs HC A lost 12-0

Water polo

Maritzburg College fielded 8 teams against Glenwood over the weekend, recording 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

The key differentiator in Maritzburg College’s first team loss by 13 goals to 7 appears to have been the result of a strong second chukka by the hosts in the Glenwood pool

Maritzburg College’s director of aquatics Darren Sherriff reports: “The 1st team game had an intense start with both teams exchanging goals, the score 2-2 at the end of the 1st chukka.

“At the end of the 2nd chukka, Glenwood had managed a 4-goal lead and were able to extend this by the end of the game. College fought hard to come back but it wasn’t enough.”

Outside the first team, in the other two top-tier age-group matches, Maritzburg College won both, the U14A match 6-3 and the U15A match 12-7.

Water polo scores
1st team:
Glenwood 13 Maritzburg College 7
2nd team:
Glenwood 5 Maritzburg College 14
3rd team: Glenwood 8 Maritzburg College 8
4th team: Glenwood 2 Maritzburg College 11|
U15A: Glenwood 7 Maritzburg College 12
U14A: Glenwood 3 Maritzburg College 6
U14B: Glenwood 1 Maritzburg College 2
U14C: Glenwood 1 Maritzburg College 2

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