Water polo: DHS and Hilton get the better of Maritzburg College firsts

The weekend’s water polo fixtures saw the Maritzburg College 1st to 4th teams and some of the junior teams taking on Hilton and DHS at Durban High School.

Maritzburg College director of aquatics Darren Sherriff reports that the 1st team’s encounter with the DHS 1st team had plenty in the way of excitement.

The game started with DHS taking an early lead and managing to extend it to 3-0 at one stage. College fought hard and brought the game back, both teams were neck-and-neck until the final chukka, where it was DHS who were able to pull away in the end to take the match 12-10.

The College 1st team later played Hilton, for the second time this season. After going down by a big margin in the match played at Hilton, the College 1st team was determined to better their performance.

They did just that, fought hard and scored some great goals. Halfway through the 3rd chukka Hilton had a slight edge of 8-6 until College were penalised.

With a player being excluded from the game and having to play a man down for 4 minutes, Hilton capitalised and extended their lead. By the time the College player could return, the damage had already been done and the final result was Hilton College 14 Maritzburg College 6.

Meanwhile, the Maritzburg College U15A team took part in the Dallas Hutton tournament, finishing 9th overall having played 5 matches, winning 3 and losing 2.

Maritzburg College results summary
1st vs DHS lost 10-12
1st vs Hilton lost 6-14
2nd vs DHS won 11-4
2nd vs Hilton lost 2-16
3rd vs Hilton lost 4-5
3rd vs DHS won 23-2
4th vs Hilton lost 1-7
U15B vs Hilton lost 2-8
U14A vs DHS won 15-5
U14A vs Hilton lost 2-16
U14B vs DHS won 9-2

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