The school rankings – a prominent KZN10 coach says…

A well-known coach at a top-end KZN10 school who also has experience overseas, has this to say about the controversial school sport rankings:

“Hi Jono, the ranking system has created an environment in SA school sport that prioritises winning over development, understanding of the game and sportsmanship.

“I have seen coaches at top sports schools in SA actively promoting cheating on subtle levels; as well as refs and umpires manipulating their favoured team’s winning opportunities… and all to be ranked higher.


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“I called a school sports ranking organisation and asked them to explain how they work it out – and it blew my mind.

“It’s based on the previous year’s ranking position for starters! Hogwash!

“Certain coaches in various sports codes at schools in SA will rely on a handful of boys to get the WIN instead of to create a learning environment – in other words, to use winning, losing and the highs and lows to help nurture our young talent to be bigger and better human beings.


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“I could go on and on about how the performance of a team and the successes of the processes and culture put in place far outweigh a coach or a team, a boy, a parent or Old Boy walking around saying, ‘We won!’.

“The real question is not, did you win, it’s did you play well?

“The ranking system is fundamentally damaging to coaching, and the players!”


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