Much to look forward to, but…

The naming this week of the KZN Inland boys’ age-group provincial hockey teams was in anticipation of the respective national and regional tournaments that were scheduled to be held in July.

However, it has been decided to postpone all such events.

Martin Ashworth feature photo: St Charles College first team captain Daniel Jacobs is in the KZN Inland U18A team.

The government’s reintroduction of the ban on contact sports to prevent the further spread of the Corona virus cluster outbreaks means that cross-school and cross-provincial-borders interactions are now no longer possible.

It is now hoped that the national and regional tournaments will be held in the October school holidays. website and social media thanks the outstanding #HalfwayToyota #Howick dealership and its general manager Brandon Brokensha for their support. I cannot do this alone. Contact me at for info on the various advertising options and more. #TogetherWeAreOne.


The interprovincial U18A team Hockey Nationals was due to take place in Stellenbosch from July 10 to 14.

If a player was selected for South Africa U18 at that tournament, he would have been required to participate in a High Performance camp in Stellenbosch from July 15 to 17.

Thereafter, the SA U18 team was due to play in a Test series against Namibia U18 from July 18 to 21 in Stellenbosch.

The provincial U16A teams’ Hockey Nationals was due to be held from July 17 to 21 in Stellenbosch so the SA U18 side would have been sure of plenty of support during their Test matches against Namibia.

Meanwhile, the KZN Inland U18B team would have been playing in the U18B Regional Tournament from July 21 to 24 in Johannesburg.

The KZN Inland U16B team would also have been in Johannesburg from July 21 to 24 for their regional tournament, as would the KZN Inland U14A team for their regional tournament.


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It is understood that neither the respective KZN Inland provincial girls’ teams nor any of the KZN Coastal provincial boys and girls teams have been named as yet, as the trials had not been completed at the time the ban on school contact sports was reinstituted.

There are 8 Maritzburg College boys in the KZN Inland U18A side with 6 from Hilton College and 1 each from Michaelhouse and St Charles College.

In the KZN Inland U16A team there are 9 players from Hilton College, 4 from Maritzburg College, 2 from St Charles College and 1 from Michaelhouse.

In the KZN Inland U14A team there are 8 boys from Maritzburg College, 4 from Hilton College and 2 from St Charles College.



KZN Inland U18A (shirt number and name): 1. R. Marais; 2. N. Khumalo, 3. C. Osborne, 4. R. Dobeyn, 7. A. Mthalane, 12. J. Jansen, 14. T. Conolly, 16. C. Fulton (all Maritzburg College); K. Watt, 8. D. den Bakker, 9. D. Kitshoff, 10. D. Tshebi, 13. D. Pratt, 15. U. Nowele (all Hilton College); 6. K. Rathepe (Michaelhouse); 11. D. Jacobs (St Charles College).
Coach R. Jones. Assistant coach: D. Kimfley. Manager: C. Andrews.

KZN Inland U18B (shirt number and name): 1. J. Williams, 7. H. Giles, 15. A. Nzimande (all Michaelhouse); 2. M. Rout, 3. G. Armstrong, 11. M. Bray, 14. A. Matsa (all Hilton College); 4. M. Ponter, 6. G. Winlock, 10. R. Crookes, 12. A. Chiliza (all Maritzburg College); 5. O. Mkhabela, 9. T. Adewusi (both St Charles College); 8. S. Myeza, 13. A. Ngema (both CD).
Coach: M. Coombes. Assistant coach:  C. Volminck. Manager: (TBC).

KZN Inland U18 teams’ non-travelling reserves (in no particular order): J. Goodwin, K. Gilson, J. Pike, N. Mntambo, V. Malinga, M. Selane (all Hilton College); J. Lalor, C. McKean, A. Carter (all Maritzburg College); S. Gaston (Grace College).


KZN Inland U16A (shirt number and name): 1. M. Barnardo, 4. A. Khumalo, 7. G. Aranky, 9. P. Dlamini (all Maritzburg College); 2. N. Shozi, 3. N. Chantler, 5. G. Bridgeford, 6. M. Diemont, 8. A. Mda, 10. J. Kitto, 14. T. Hove, 15. K. Khoele, 12. W. Liebenberg (all Hilton College); 11. R. Dicken, 13. C. Ryland (both St Charles College); 16. J. Gilson (Michaelhouse).
Coach: D. Kimfley. Assistant coach: R. Jones. Manager: G. von Meyer.

KZN Inland U16B (shirt number and name): 1. N. Holmes, 4. K. Dobeyn, 5. L. Akerman, 6. L. Armstrong, 7. S. Sithembu, 9. I. Mosupye, 11. B. Dlamini, 13. L. Seshemane, 14. A. Sithole, 15. J. Konigkramer, 16. A. Makhanya (all Maritzburg College); 2. P. Nkompela, 3. J. Yeadon (both Michaelhouse); 8. J. Kitshoff, 10. C. Thomson, 12. M. Dakile (all Hilton College).
Coach M. Cele. Assistant coach: R Johnson. Manager: M. Mazibuko.

KZN Inland U16 teams’ non-traveling reserves (in no particular order): J. Julius, M. Lougher-Clarke, D. Herbert (all Hilton College); M. Mashinini, M. Ngobeni (both St Dominics); S. Zulu (Newcastle); J. Lawrence (Michaelhouse); D. Checkly (Howick).


KZN Inland U14A (shirt number and name): 1. B. Thornton-Dibb, 2. D. Jackson, 4. K. Botha, 6. A. Mthalane, 9. S. Sithembu, 7. G. Askew, 12. A. Dlamini, 14. K. Jenkins (all Maritzburg College); 3. X. Enslin, 5. M. Thomas, 8. R. Mudau, 11. C. Smith (all Hilton College); 10. M. Moola, 13. A. Qumo (both St Charles College).
Coach M. Fairweather. Assistant coach: P. Gonlag. Manager: C Mbanjwa.

KZN Inland U14 team non-traveling reserves (in no particular order): R. Honiball, 5. R. Adijbuyo (both St Charles College); 2. R. van der Vliet (Maritzburg College); 3. L. Camerer (Michaelhouse); 4. J. Webster (Hilton College).



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