KZN 10 Super Saturday – The 26-28 Match… as Jono saw it… in the moment…


Aaaaaa-aaand on the first minute it’s a Westville try by outside centre Mlu Khalishwayo in front of the Kent Pavilion after a judicious kick towards the corner.

Maritzburg College 0 
Westville 5

* Justin Waldman feature image: RedBlackWhite captain Siphe Kekana and The Nicholson Arch Touch.

College infringe 30 metres out and the low Grove Akker kick sees the 10’s effort flash a metre over the crossbar.

7 minutes gone 
Maritzburg College 0
Westville 8
Great phase play wins Westville a kickable penalty… In front of the posts
Grove Akker again does the job
11 minutes gone
Maritzburg College 0 
Westville 11

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Another superb touch kick by Westville…
College win their lineout on the 22 and hoof it deep. The chase is good and a big hit brings resounding cheers from the Maritzburg College boys on Basher Ridge.
Westville Boys High School’s own Sonny Bill, number 12 Mambo Mkhize, looks full of running. The Westville backs and forwards have had ample ball-carrying opportunities while College have enjoyed very few.
Midway first half 
Maritzburg College 0
Westville 11

More from photographer Justin Waldman.

Maritzburg College fullback Khwezi Hadebe fields a long Westville kick deep in his 22 and launches a counter…
Pass to outside centre Philani Simamane brings the College boys on the bank to their feet but Westville defence halts the momentum.
Some ma-aaaa-sive hits on Goldstones… 
13 minutes to halftime 
Maritzburg College 0
Westville 11

Two-try Philani Simamane on fire. Photo Justin Waldman

Stoppage as Maritzburg College outside centre Philani Simamane has treatment… Ma-aaaa-sive cheer from the College boys as the talented back gets back onto the battleground.
12 minutes to halftime 
Maritzburg College 0
Westville 11
Good field position for College and a great try in the cricket nets corner by the selfsame Philani Simamane!!!! Scrumhalf Henry Trodd angled conversion…
Game on! 
10 minutes away from halftime 
Maritzburg College 7
Westville 11
Superb Maritzburg College running from the outside backs!!!
It’s all Maritzburg College!!!
But Westville contain the threat.
Excellent Westville there.

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6 minutes to halftime
Maritzburg College 7
Westville 11
Very slow start to the first half by home side Maritzburg College but they’re finding their feet.
Excellent early stuff from visitors Westville.
College finishing the first half strongly.
… Look, I’m trying to be reasonable here but I can’t help feeling that Westville have been infringing regularly over the offside line…
They’re simply getting into the faces of the Maritzburg College backs way too fast.
I may be incorrect of course.
Time is up.
Super Henry Trodd kick into the left-hand corner…
College set up a drive from the lineout but Westville are awarded a penalty…
Then College win a penalty…
Penalty fever on Goldstones… 
Maritzburg College 7
Westville 11

Let’s just say the big boys weren’t shy… Sharon Pretorius Photography

Westville head coach Jeremy McLaren and his Maritzburg College counterpart Cameron Fraser deep in conversation with their respective players…
A very big KZN10 schoolboy rugby crowd here on Goldstones.
The second half soon to get underway…
Maritzburg College 7
Westville 11
The RedBlackWhite now playing towards the College Road End…

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Aaaaaa-aaand we’re off!
The left-footed Maritzburg College scrumhalf Henry Trodd kicks towards the old Skonk Nicholson corner…
Maritzburg College 7
Westville 11
Aaaaaa-aaand it’s a phenomenal Philani Simamane touchdown after brilliant brilliant running from Maritzburg College fullback Khwezi Hadebe and Philani’s fellow centre and Maritzburg College captain Siphe Kekana!!
Maritzburg College 12 
Westville 11
After Westville led 11-0 early in the match.
29 minutes left in this cracker.
Westville lost a nail-biting muscle-up 22-25 to Hilton College on Bowden’s last Saturday.
Maritzburg College had a free Saturday.
… Westville come back well and are oh so close to the Maritzburg College tryline…
College clear the danger.
Maritzburg College 12

Westville 11

27 minutes to go.

The action was unstoppable. Sharon Pretorius Photography

Aaaaaa-aaand Maritzburg College pay dearly for coughing the ball up once too often and brilliant brilliant handling by the Westville outside backs sees right winger Simelela Nkomo take flight for the second Westville try!
Flyhalf Grove Akker converts.
And soon after the re-start it’s the third touchdown for the visitors!!! The touchdown belongs to tighthead Okuhle Siyenia and it’s followed by a well-judged Grove Akker conversion.
In the space of a couple of minutes Westville have turned this intoxicating game on its head!!! 
Maritzburg College 12 
Westville 25

16 minutes to go

But it’s never over till the full-figured lady sings…


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Then it’s Maritzburg College first XV flyhalf Anele Nzimande who smashes through for a Henry Trodd converted try!

Maritzburg College 19
Westville 25

From the re-start Maritzburg College number 6 Malwande Dlangalala makes a storming run and is brought down over the Westville tryline in front of the Kent Pavilion, but no try.
Maritzburg College again come close but no cigar!!!
What a crackerjack muscle-up this is!!!
O-ooooh my shaaaaaa-tered nerves!!!! 
10 minutes left
Maritzburg College 19…
Westville 25…
Where on earth is this going?

Sharon Pretorius Photography

Superb running by the Westville backs!!!
Maritzburg College backs too!
It’s a wonderful example of exciting schoolboy rugby.
Great Westville field position with 8 minutes left and a stu-uu-uuuning tackle by Maritzburg College flyhalf Anele Nzimande stops a certain Mlu Khalishwayo touchdown!
Then it’s a wonderful try of sheer grit by Maritzburg College number 7 flanker Brannan Webster who storms free of the Westville defenders and Henry Trodd coolly converts!
Maritzburg College 26
Westville 25
4 minutes left!!!

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Aaaaaa-aaand a ma-aaaa-sive blow to Maritzburg College…
With 3 minutes to go it’s a Westville penalty in front of the posts 25 metres out and flyhalf Grove Akker does the numbers.
Maritzburg College 26 
Westville 28
150 seconds left.
Maritzburg College straight back into the heart of touchdown country…
… RedBlackWhite go through umpteen phases… Maritzburg College win an easily kickable penalty but choose to run it!!!!!! 
A fight breaks out amongst a group of players… Not good…
Maritzburg College again earn a goalable penalty… But… an easily kickable penalty is replaced by a decision to run the ball… 
Scarcely conceivable.

Photo by Martin Ashworth

On the bank below Papes Astro the watching Westville and Maritzburg College boys (on Basher Ridge) are on their feet… the Westville and Maritzburg College boys on Goldstones are out on their feet…
70 seconds to full-time
EIGHT seconds left ⬅
Great Maritzburg College field position.
Maritzburg College awarded another penalty – and as close enough as it gets – close enough to the front of the Westville posts and 20 metres out from touchdown time, but College choose to tap and go. 
Once again the Westville defenders contain the threat and Westville escape from almost certain defeat.
Maritzburg College scrumhalf Henry Trodd has proven this year that he is unflappable when converting high-pressure goalkicks in the death throes of the match.
Half the team could do the job one might think.
An unbelievable match nevertheless.
Maritzburg College 26
Westville 28

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To my mind Maritzburg College simply didn’t respect the conventions of rugby by twice foregoing easily kickable penalties when time was up and with the RedBlackWhite trailing 26-28…
Surely a hard lesson learnt.
The five-match Maritzburg College unbeaten run comes to a regrettable end.

And this KZN10 Super Saturday 1 June it’s the formidable Hilton first XV on Graeme Gilfillan Field in the lovely land of the Hiltonians.

A buoyant Westville tackle Kearsney on WBHS OB Day.

Maritzburg College
1. Cebo Dlamini
2. Dagan Meuwese
3. Tristan Trollip
4. Wandile Hlophe
5. Siya Ningiza
6. Malwande Dlangalala
7. Brannan Webster
8. Michael King
9. Henry Trodd
10. Anele Nzimande
11. Matt Zunckel
12. Siphe Kekana (capt)
13. Philani Simamane
14. Kaid Morsink
15. Khwezi Hadebe
16. Athi Matsheke
17. Jared Brink
18. Andre Breedt
19. John-Roy Ayliffe
20. Thabo Mbatha
21. Dan Cooper
22. Sven Zunckel
23. Marcelle Masvikeni
Head coach Cameron Fraser
1. Pumi Xego
2. Teague Loelly
3. Okuhle Siyeni
4. Cameron Best
5. Ockie Barnard
6. Josh Aigner
7. Kgopotso Matlena
8. Gareth Beavan (capt)
9. Kyle Naude
10. Grove Akker
11. Eze Onyebilanma
12. Mambo Mkhize
13. Mlu Khalishwayo
14. Simelela Nkomo
15. Larry Nkonki
16. Mondli Phakathi
17. Barnard Nortje
18. Philani Luthuli
19. Ntobeko Gcabushe
20. Testimony Dodo
21. Louis Kelsey
22. Liam Botha
23. Braden van Wyk
Head coach Jeremy McLaren

The undisputed leaders in KZN scoreboards PMB-based

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