Hilton win the big one but Maritzburg College dominate overall

The Hilton College first XV beat the Maritzburg College first XV 30-11 on a jam-packed Goldstones Saturday afternoon 28 May 22. Hilton deserved it. They were more efficient in exploiting opportunities.

It was not a match that reached any great heights of skill and/or drama as per the many encounters over the decades since the first-ever match between these two great schools in 1875.

Hilton’s win takes the overall records to Matches Played: 172; College Won 116; Hilton Won 45; Drawn 11.

The outcome was disappointing for the hundreds upon hundreds of Old Boys who had come from far and wide to celebrate the 125th Reunion of Maritzburg College Old Boys Association (established 1997) but there was great pride, too, in witnessing the current first XV boys putting every ounce of effort into this match.

It has been a long road since the establishment of Maritzburg College in 1863 and, at 159 years, the oldest boys’ high school in KwaZulu-Natal is proudly standing the test of time.

Indeed, it is excelling, stronger than it has ever been.

An occasion like no other… the biggest crowd I have seen on Goldstones in the 52 years I’ve been watching the first XV.

Overall, it was a rousing day for the Maritzburg College rugby fraternity with a gross scorecard reading, Played 16 Won 13 Lost 3; a gross “Points For” tally of 513 compared to 151 “Points Against”.

At U16 level versus Hilton it was 3 from 3 for the Red Black White in scoring 136 points with 14 against.

In the U15 age group another 3 from 3 with 113 for and 19 against.

And in the U14 category another 3 from 3 with 118 points overall to 24 (which included a D team versus C team stagger match).

There were also notable Maritzburg College wins in stagger matches against others schools; notably the 22-14 U16D versus Howick U16A, U15E 10-7 vs Linpark U15A, and the U14E 17-15 vs Howick U14A.

Versus Hilton
Played 16 Won 13 Lost 3 (Points for 513, Points against 151)
1st Hilton Goldstone’s lost 11-30
2nd Hilton Goldstone’s lost 17-29
3rd Hilton Goldstone’s lost 14-19
4th Hilton Goldstone’s won 22-13
5th Hilton Goldstone’s won 17-3
6th Hilton Goldstone’s won 10-0
7th Hilton Snows won 55-0
16A Hilton Goldstone’s won 36-14
16B Hilton Lamond’s won 50-0
16C Hilton Lamond’s won 50-0
15A Hilton Snow’s won 31-11
15B Hilton Lamond’s won 32-8
15C Hilton Nicholson’s won 50-0
14A Hilton Snow’s won 22-14
14B Hilton Lamond’s won 56-5
14D Hilton U14C Leaches won 40-5
8th Michaelhouse 7th Snows won 26-5
9th Linpark 2nds Snows lost 5-34
16D Howick U16A Hill’s won 22-14
16E Michaelhouse U16D Leach’s won 24-5
15D Howick U15A Hill’s lost 12-19
15E Linpark U15A Nicholson’s won 10-7
14C Michaelhouse Hill’s won 38-7
14E Howick U14A Leaches won 17-15

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