Highveld cricket matches leave Maritzburg College & Clifton 1sts with food for thought

WITH the Oppenheimer Michaelmas Cricket Festival now just 26 days away, OMCW hosts Maritzburg College and fellow KZN10 invitees Clifton College got some solid time in the middle during the Fasken Time Cricket Festival hosted as always by St Davids Marist Inanda over the weekend.

Not all the sides were at full strength – Clifton, for one, were missing key players in captain and prolific batting all-rounder Matthew Montgomery, as well as outstanding  all-rounder Simon Holmes. That said, the 2 two-day matches were invaluable to all who participated.

Feature image: Maritzburg College’s grade 11 top-order batsmen Jacques van der Walt (left) and Andrew Todd scored half-centuries against St Albans. Photo Jono Cook


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I’m just surmising from afar that the experience also gave the two participating KZN10 sides – Maritzburg College and Clifton – much food for thought and specific aspects to work on ahead of the domestic season getting into full swing.

The two KZN10 sides were well beaten in three of the four matches with the fourth leaning towards Maritzburg College before ending in a draw.

Certainly in head coaches Dave Pryke of Maritzburg College and Yashin Ebrahim of Clifton we have the calibre of cricket men to implement the necessary remedies.


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Other OMCW sides St Stithians, Cricket South Africa TAP (Talent Acceleration Programme) XI, KES (King Edward VII School) and St Albans College Pretoria also got in some quality time.

Based on the outcomes at St Davids it appears that the three Johannesburg-based sides (assuming CSA TAP – I am not sure – is primarily from Gauteng ) are running into prime form at this early stage of the 2018 third/fourth term school cricket season.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the upcountry schools fare against the KZN sides at OMCW, which takes place in the greater PMB region and where the local lads are more accustomed to the conditions

Individual awards went to Cameron Shekleton of St Stithians (Best Batsman, with the remarkable average of 261), Neo Felane of the CSA TAP XI (Best Bowler, with 14 wickets) and Bryce Parsons of King Edward VII School (Best Player, with 265 runs and nine wickets).


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St Stithian’s vs Clifton
Clifton 108 (Joshua Hoffman 8/36) and 165 (Daniel Elgar 41, Joshua Hoffman 6/52)
St Stithians 388/6 dec (Cameron Rowe 156, Cameron Shekleton 131)
St Stithians won by an innings and 115 runs

Cricket South Africa TAP XI vs St Alban’s College
CSA TAP XI 246 (Marco Jansen 62, Bonga Makhakha 54, Rein Hulme 3/31) and 95/8 (Bradley Leonard 3/19, Hulme 3/24)
St Alban’s College 113 (Ross Whitelaw 49, Odirile Modimokane 7/6) and 221 (Hulme 70, Jacques Vosloo 3/28, Neo Felane 3/46)
CSA TAP XI won by 2 wickets


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St David’s vs St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein)
St David’s 298/7 dec (Jacob Miltz 130, Alex Lategan 106) and 226/3 dec (Miltz 67, Lategan 60)
St Andrew’s 271/6 dec (Corne Viljoen 102, Ruan Cronje 63) and 68/0
Match drawn

King Edward VII vs Maritzburg College
Maritzburg College 251/9 dec (Jared Campbell 51, Bryce Parsons 3/59, Keegan Jansen van Rensburg 3/64) and 254 (Dean Dyer 76 not out, Jacques van der Walt 70)
King Edward VII 364/7 dec (Heinrigh Pieterse 190, Bryce Parsons 117, Mondli Khumalo 3/74) and 142/1 (Joshua Streak 52, Jason Bracher 50)
King Edward VII won by 9 wickets


Maritzburg College pacemen Mondli Khumalo (3-74) and Jayden Gengan (4-36) got wickets in the respective KES and St Albans first innings. Photo Jono Cook


Maritzburg College vs St Alban’s College
Maritzburg College 240 (Andrew Todd 70, Dean Dyer 66 not out, Simon Miller 3/20) and 183/5 dec (Jacques van der Walt 54 not out, Jordan Landsberg 3/29)
St Alban’s 121/7 dec (Ross Whitelaw 57, Jayden Gengan 4/36) and 258/7 (Rein Hulme 73, Whitelaw 67, Shaun Elliot 3/29)
Match drawn

St David’s vs Cricket South Africa TAP XI
St David’s 60 (Marco Jansen 3/11, Neo Felane 3/4) and 180 (Jacob Miltz 70, Neo Felane 7/38)
CSA TAP XI 218/9 dec (Tahir Isaacs 82, Tetelo Maphaka 3/42, Bradley Griffin 3/73) and 23/0
CSA TAP XI won by 10 wickets

* St Andrew’s School (Bloemfontein) vs St Stithians
St Andrew’s 273 (Henre Koekemoer 84 not out, Ruan Cronje 52, JP Bloem 3/31, Tristan Brooks 3/53)
St Stithians 332/1 dec (Cameron Shekleton 130 not out, Cameron Rowe 90, Mudiwa Chanakira 99 not out)
Match drawn
* From the scores source I accessed.


Clifton’s Ariq Chetty put his bat aside to take 4 wickets in the big KES 1st innings total.

* Clifton Durban vs King Edward VII School
Clifton Durban 226 (Daniel Elgar 41) and 174 (Crispin McKenzie 4/53, Bryce Parsons 3/9)
King Edward VII 378 (Parsons 102, Jason Bracher 64, Ariq Chetty 4/143) and 23/0
King Edward VII won by 10 wickets
* It appears, from the scores source I accessed, that the KES first innings total is almost certainly not exactly correct but other than that the rest of the detail is. KES did win the game by 10 wickets.


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