First XV rugby: Udo unearths Michaelhouse vs Maritzburg College 1986

SUPER SATURDAY 2 June 2018 at 3pm…. The theatre is Meadows at MichaelhouseIt’s House vs Maritzburg College first XV

1987 Maritzburg College & SA Schools flyhalf and wicketkeeper/batsman Udo Goedeke – one of the handful of dual SA Schools rugby players and cricketers (the Red Black and White have 3 – Udo, Mally Thompson and Adrian Penzhorn) tells about the 1986 Meadows muscle-up as if it happened yesterday:

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: Udo Goedeke and son Kent earlier this year. Kent will be playing 10 for the Maritzburg College U16A’s vs coach Andre van Wyk’s Michaelhouse line-up at 12.30pm on Meadows tomorrow.

“Michaelhouse have always been great opposition… fair, clean… we’ve had lots of fun.

Playing them on Meadows in 86, Michaelhouse had a strong team – 5 or 6 Natal Schools’ players – and were certainly the favourites. I think they sensed victory and all their regulars were keen to play. Injury and illness meant quite a few had to pass late fitness tests.

It was very close at halftime – we lead 9-6… The second half was incredible… centre (SA Schools and later Natal and Transvaal) Jeremy Thompson really turned it on for us, it turned into the Jeremy Thompson Show – he ripped their defence apart.

“The College team’s contribution was awesome… It was a massive second half for us… To be fair I think the Michaelhouse injury and illness concerns pre-game was a contributing factor – they faded badly in that second half.

My opposing 10 was Mark Olivier, a very good all-round sportsman. We had lots of friendly tussles on the cricket and rugby fields.

That was 32 years ago. A lot of the Michaelhouse/Maritzburg College guys that year are still good mates… That’s what is so special about KZN schoolboy sport, brings people together, long may it continue.

Here’s to wishing all the Michaelhouse and Maritzburg College boys – whatever the team and whether rugby or hockey – everything of the best tomorrow.”

Thanks Udo – spoken like the sportsman you are; a guy who appreciates & understands the real value of sport.


  1. Jono Cook on 2 Jun 2018 at 6:57 am

    With an average 13 degrees forecast between 3 and 5 pm it’s going to be chilly.
    At least it’ll be sunny all day so dry ball and field should make for some adventurous running and combination play.
    The teams should therefore be willing to work hard in order to earn turnover ball – not too many easy pickings.

  2. Jono Cook on 1 Jun 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Folks, my sincerest apologies. The 86 Michaelhouse flyhalf was Mark Olivier.
    I clearly caught the wrong name off Udo’s eloquent WhatsApp audio whilst he was driving somewhere on business.

    Mark, I’ll rectify the error on the website text once I make re-acquaintances with my trusty laptop so kindly sponsored by Andre of Incredible Connection.

    Right ↪ now I’m crying into my pretzels at Maritzburg College Country Club… Sorry … A typo… I meant to tap out Maritzburg Bowling Club ♣…

    The Maritzburg College first soccer ⚽ team soccer ⚽ edge-out by the worthy Haythorne lads is still hurting…

  3. Trevor Packer on 1 Jun 2018 at 2:37 pm

    I’m sure the German down played his role in that encounter 32 years ago. Great sportsman. Remember batting with him for Natal against Border and we were struggling to avoid the follow on. Otis Gibson was charging in and Udo was happy to let me watch from the other end while he wore a few thunder bolts all over the body from the current Proteas coach.

    • Jono Cook on 1 Jun 2018 at 3:07 pm

      Yes Packs the Goedeke family are made prime German steel.
      I remember Udo’s eldest brother Gerry, who you possibly know is now headmaster of Clifton College , tackling some monsters into the then Goldstones dust from his centre berth in the 79 Maritzburg College first XV.

  4. Jono Cook on 1 Jun 2018 at 2:06 pm

    Assuming both are fit, the tussle between Michaelhouse number 8 and captain Christian Opperman and his opposite number, Maritzburg College skipper Ntuthuko Mchunu, is set to be one of the fascinating cameos of an intriguing match.

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