Clifton JAM Water Polo Tournament it’s making waves!

Hi folks I have had some Comms issues of late so please accept my humble apologies for the breakdown in relaying info.

BUT the Clifton JAM Water Polo Tournament is absolutely pumping at the Morningside school’s splendid aquatics facility so get down there this afternoon and or Sunday and Monday’s showdown time with the trophy match 1-2pm or so.

Get there earlier though it’s worth a show!


There has already been a host of action-packed, drama-filled, water polo on Day 1 Friday and Day 2 so far.

Results from Day1


JAM Invitational 4 Pearson 7
St Alban’s 3 Westville 3
Affies 3 Reddam 7
KES 2 Glenwood 4
St Stithians 16 Michaelhouse 2
Maritzburg College 3 Clifton 23
St David’s 0 St Alban’s 5
Hilton 12 DHS 2
St Stithians 9 JAM Invitational 4
Kearsney 12 St David’s 5
Maritzburg College 3 Affies 15
DHS 7 KES 13
Kearsney 5 Westville 5
Reddam 1 Clifton 2
Glenwood 5 Hilton 5
JAM Invitational 14 Michaelhouse 2

Recent results from Day 2


St Stithians 10, Pearson 5
St Albans 6, Kearsney 3
Clifton 7, Affies 4
Glenwood 17, DHS 2
Westville 9, St Davids 1
Maritzburg College 4, Reddam 13
KES 3, Hilton 7
Pearson 7, Michaelhouse 1

Tip-top polo schools Affies, Clifton, DHS, Glenwood, Hilton, Kearsney, KES, Maritzburg College, Michaelhouse, Pearson, Reddam, St Albans, St Davids, St Stithians, Westville plus the Clifton JAM Invitational team are making waves and then some!

Yes folks it’s the 14th JAM Clifton Water Polo Tournament… Yebo Yes!


Thrills and spills.

There is a bit of a glitch on my side in accessing the results to date (yip, one of those days that make Blue Mondays seem oh so-oo-ooo tame!) so in the meanwhile here’s a batch of illuminating info:

JAM Clifton Water Polo Tournament New Rules

Peter Lavett explains some of the new water polo rules that have been implemented at this year’s tournament

There is more video info re the JAM water polo extravaganza here

So you can’t get to Clifton to see 16 of SA’s top schools in action at the JAM Clifton Water Polo Tournament?  Never mind, Clifton have it covered!

Clifton are live-streaming all the action via YouTube.  Click on the links now and or set your reminder.



Fierce competition.

Day 1 (yesterday, September 28):

Day 2 (today, Saturday):

Day 3:

Day 4:


Check out too –


A heartfelt thanks to JAM Clothing for sponsoring the JAM Clifton Water Polo Tournament Friday 8am to Monday 1-2pm final!


Those of you keen to catch the action but don’t know the ins and outs of this spectacular sport all that well, here’s some help.

Previous winners


2005                Maritzburg College

2006                St Johns

2007-2010       Clifton

2011                St Johns

2012                Clifton

2013                Reddam

2014-2016       Clifton

2017                Glenwood


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