Another top Hockey Saturday for Maritzburg College

AFFIES hockey has made strides over the years but on Saturday, 21 July 2018 the results belonged to one of the strongest hockey schools in the country as hosts Maritzburg College won 14 of 18 matches with the remainder reflecting three draws and one defeat.

The solitary Maritzburg College loss was the 4-3 defeat of coach Dave Pryke’s previously unbeaten second team, a fine achievement by Affies seconds who succeeded where a number of prominent hockey schools have failed.


Hockey skills are one thing. Having the vision to make maximum use of that skill is another.

Despite the overall Maritzburg College hockey success, first team coach and director of the sports code Dylan Coombes made a point of mentioning that the host teams had to work hard in the majority of matches before emerging victorious.

Herewith an edited extract of Coombes’ thoughts on the first team match:

College opened proceedings with a drag flick into the Affies net by G Will from their first penalty corner of the day.

The first half play continued to be dominated by College with Affies not posing much of a threat, and only a couple of half chances created. A goalmouth scramble saw SA U18 player Andre Bradford quick to pounce to put College 2-0 up at half-time.


Every successful hockey school appreciates that expert advice from qualified personnel is a prerequisite for a trouble-free season.

The second half was well controlled by College and the feeling was that they should have taken many more chances, especially from the number of penalty corners won.  G Will scored his second goal of the day with another well executed penalty corner drag flick that sealed the match 3-0.


Hockey is a fast-paced game that employs rolling substitutions. Taking a break recharges the batteries.

College showed good quality for the 3-0 win and will be looking to build on a solid performance when playing away this weekend at Pretoria Boys’ High.

2nds 3-4
3rds 2-1
4ths 0-0
5ths 3-2
U16A 3-0
B 6-0
C 3-1
D 2-0
E 4-0
F 0-0
G 1-0
U14A 5-1
B 3-0
C 1-1
D 5-0
E 4-2
F 1-0

If you don’t connect effectively with team-mates chances are you’ll lose your way.


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