Westville Boys’ Head of School Matthew Pollard reflects on the year

The KZN10 head boys are winding up their year as leaders of the 2018 student body so it’s an opportune time to ask them 3 quick questions – what they have learnt about leadership, what was a year highlight, and what advice would they give to the 2019 head boy:

Here’s Westville Boys’ High School’s Head of School, Matthew Pollard:

KZN10.com: Hi Matthew, what are your thoughts on the questions I have posed to you?

Hi Mr Cook

Thank you for the questions.

1. One thing I have taken away from this year is that you are nothing without your team.


Matthew Pollard is an outstanding cricketer in the Westville first XI. Using his height to advantage, he possesses the ability to get the ball to rise sharply off a good length at considerable pace and has an excellent bouncer. As a batsman his stride enables Matthew to turn good-length deliveries into half-volleys.


I’ve been privileged to have the support throughout the year of not only my deputies but also the entire leadership body. Each and every leader at WBHS has put their everything into the school and I could not have done it without them.

2. As far as my highlight of the year? Without a doubt our Old Boys Day vs Maritzburg College.

It was a tough season for our 1st XV, suffering numerous injuries. We were playing with a depleted side but one thing that Westville kept throughout the season was heart and passion.


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We had a good build-up through the week and by the time Saturday came, we were ready. Not only the way we played, but the heart and passion put into our war cries was immense. A really proud moment for me.


The spot in the Westville changeroom on Bowdens reserved for first XI cricketer Matthew Pollard.


Credit must also go to our Old Boys for contributing to the buzz by showing they still have the passion for the Griffin and joining in for a few war cries.

3. Advice I would give to the incoming Head of School? Make the most of it. Time truly does fly by and before you know it, Mr Cook will be asking you to answer some questions for him and give some feedback on the 2019 year!


Clarity leads to confidence in your actions.


It is also very important to remain humble and believe in yourself. People may not always agree with you, but as long as you are doing what you feel is right, you will succeed.

Matthew Pollard

* Well said, Matthew. There are so many life lessons in what you have said. I wish you everything of the best. See you at Oppenheimer Michaelmas Cricket Week.


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  1. Jono Cook on 10 Sep 2018 at 4:48 pm

    A thoroughly nice guy who has an inner strength.

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