Two remarkable school sports records

Over the course of recent times I have heard two stories that have stuck in my mind. I might have the wrong names and perhaps my recollections on the stats are inaccurate, and if so it is no reflection on any persons mentioned; it is merely a case of a well-intentioned effort on my part to raise an interesting topic of conversation. And I hope some of you might have knowledge of other noteworthy records or suchlike – they don’t have to be as impressive, just noteworthy; be it a remarkable season or whatever.

Story 1: If I am more or less correct, Arve Arntzen did not lose a single rugby match he played in while in the colours of Merchiston and then Maritzburg College. So that, one can surmise, covers 9 or 10 years of school rugby seasons.

Story 2: Again, if I am more or less correct, Willie Williams did not lose in a single rugby or cricket match he played in for Maritzburg College. That spans a period of 5 years.

If I am correct, those are truly remarkable, and interesting, bits of info.

As I said earlier, maybe you know of something along these lines, that makes one really sit up and take notice. Or perhaps it might have been just one or two years of not losing a match when playing for your school teams.

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