Petrus Du Plessis Interview

Saint Charles College rugby heading in the right direction.


With Saint Charles College kicking off their winter sports program against Michaelhouse this Saturday we are posting up a series of videos we did towards the end of last year as we caught up with 1st team coach and Director of Rugby, Petrus du Plessis.

Petrus has a long distinguished career in coaching rugby and athletics holding an ASA level 1 and IRB level 2 qualifications.

Before his current  position at Saint Charles he was the Head of coaching and 1st team coach for Bethlehem Voortrekker High school for 6 years as well as head of conditioning for the rugby and athletics programs.

We would like to thank Petrus for his time and Saint Charles College for letting us access into to their school.


1.What was your highlight of the 2018 season?



2. Petrus, as the Saints Rugby Specialist, how do you see the health of Saints Rugby as we end the 2018 year?



3. Saints style of play in 2018 was a expansive, can we look forward to much of the same in 2019?



4. Are there good signs for the 2019 Saints Rugby Year and what are you excited about for next year?



5. Petrus, looking forward to your 2019 team, will there be a healthy balance between youth and experience?



6. How are your age groups looking in terms of depth and are you happy with the quality of coaching in the school?



7. You mentioned a culture drive, what have you done and what are you doing to create the culture you are looking for?



2019 Rugby Fixtures


A look at the fixtures for the Saint Charles College 2019 rugby season


From the looks of the fixtures list Saint Charles College is continuing to make all the moves as the program solidifies itself.

Times for A and 1st team matches this weekend:

1st: 14:15

Venue : Old Orchards

U16A: 10:50

Venue: Old Orchards

U15A:  10:30

Venue: Colts

U14A: 9:30

Venue: Colts


All matches take place at the Saint Charles College campus at Harwin Rd. All the best to both teams.

We would like to again thank Petrus for his time and Saint Charles College for the opportunity to talk with them.

Till next time


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