Michaelhouse’s Prince Charming… Mubeezi Lubinga in 20 seconds

(OK I deviated from the norm re the pic but how could I leave Mubeezi’s younger bro Mogabi out? Awesome pic. There is so much in the sibling affection).


Michaelhouse leader
Mubeezi Lubinga in 20 secs


Nickname: Mub

Mubeezi in 1 word: Charming

Favourite food: Spaghetti bolognaise

Favourite car: Ferrari 458

Holiday destination: St Francis Bay

Board game: Monopoly
*Editor’s note: useful training for acquiring that elusive Ferrari .

Favourite breakfast: Waffles, whipped cream & syrup

3 Desert island must-haves: Good company, good book, soccer ball

4 Things I can’t live without: Friends, football, family & laughter

Favourite quote: “Be aware of the opponent, but don’t make the opponent too big in your head. You’ll end up being scared of him.” Unknown

If I could attend any sports event: Manchester derby at Old Trafford

Down time: Watch football, read

Actor: Daniel Kaluuya

Actress: Sarah Rafferty

TV show: Game of Thrones

On your screensaver: Game of Thrones House Sigils

* To discover more about Michaelhouse the school take a look     https://www.michaelhouse.org/

Thanks for your time, Mubeezi. Now it’s your time to thank mom for her unstinting support. Make mom Queen for a Day… nkosazane Ya Namhlanje


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