Michaelhouse 8 Feb 2020 sports round-up vs Maritzburg College

Not even aquatic sports were spared by the weather on the 8 Feb 2020 weekend with dangerously high water levels scuppering the interschools’ Bushman’s River canoe race and a 3rd of the 9 scheduled water polo fixtures against Maritzburg College abandoned because of the inclement conditions.

Michaelhouse enjoyed a good day out in the grandstand events in the Dudley Forde Pool at Maritzburg College, winning the 1st team (9-8), U15A (7-4) and U14A (7-5) clashes.


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A mixed junior Michaelhouse team also came away with a tight 9-7 win, but the second (2-8) and fifth teams (7-8) were not as fortunate.

With all 14 cricket matches against Maritzburg College called off, it was up to the basketballers to provide the sporting entertainment, despite 9 matches on the outdoor courts having to be scrapped.

With five consecutive wins over College, the Boys from Balgowan went into the first team clash in a confident frame of mind.


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The previous week’s slip-up against DHS under similar circumstances, though, would have provided a little tension to the Men of House’s minds.

In the end, it was a narrow, low-scoring affair with Michaelhouse coming the beneficiaries of a hard-won 38-34 victory.

Of the remaining 5 Open age group fixtures, Michaelhouse were able to record wins by the 3rd, 4th and 6th teams.


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House’s U16A lads continued to battle with their rhythm, going down 27-36, with the B side also capitulating in the only other match contested in the age group.

Michaelhouse’s U15A boys made it 5 from 5 in 2020 with their 23-16 win, while the House B and C sides came out on the losing side of the scoreline.

College clinched the U14A contest 28-18, while House were able to hold their nerve in the B team match for a 14-13 win.


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