KZN School Hockey: Clifton vs St Charles match report 

Action aplenty in nail-biting first team clash…

There was much anticipation among the Clifton College and St Charles College supporters ahead of the Saturday 11 May 2019 first team hockey match at Riverside Sports Club in Durban North… And the exciting contest that played out lived up to the expectation.

Let’s hear Jono Cook’s match interpretation from pitch-side in present- and past-tense…

Here goes!

“Branson Bertasso of Clifton makes the push-back on the first whistle… St Charles steal possession… Clifton on the back foot…

“The tall, strongly-built Clifton College striker Branson Bertasso quickly reveals that he is an imposing figure in the six-yard box…
Saints striker Selaelo Mashiloane is giving everything up front for the visitors…

“At the Spur Restaurant End, Branson Bertasso has a strong shot blocked at source.


Clifton’s Jonathan Munro was outstanding both as a player and captain in the 2-1 triumph over St Charles at Riverside. Head coach Keegan Pearce is glued to the action from his berth at the Clifton dugout. All images by Renate Monty Photos.


“Byron Kraus and captain Jonathan Munro are building Clifton attacks from the back – and a cracker into the Saints strike zone see the deflection go high but just wide of the post.

“Then it’s an excellent breakdown tackle and distribution by Saints’ left-side defender Kian Channon.

First chukka done in next to no time such is the intensity out there!

Clifton College 0
St Charles College 0
45 match minutes still in the bank.


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Into the second chukka…

“A superb cut-out intercept and layoff by Cam Spangenberg leads to Saints captain Guy Church, who initiates an attacking move up the right and Clifton do well to extinguish the threat.

“Then the attack-minded Kevin Diaz and Selaelo Mashiloane combine to bring the first St Charles College penalty corner…

“Onto the second PC… Jason Login and captain Guy Church execute a slick one-two and Jason Login slaps in the opening goal!

Clifton College 0
St Charles College 1


It was a busy match for the shot-stoppers, not least Clifton College keeper Saurav Rajcoomar. Renate Monty Photos


6 minutes into the second chukka

“Excellent stickwork skills from St Charles College striker Taygen Mollentze sets up a penalty corner… Clifton defence blocks the goalshot.

“Soon after, a sublime Justin Wood flat-stick fence-pass opens space for Clifton College but the St Charles defence is well placed to contain and then disperse the challenge.

“John Munford displays close control under pressure and in a confined space… his skill brings consternation in the St Charles circle.


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“At the other end, possibly the best chance of the first half…

“A great right-to-left cross from Kevin Diaz eludes the outstretched stick of Selaelo Mashiloane by a whisker, with the goalline 4 yards away.

4 minutes to halftime it’s…
Clifton College 0
St Charles College 1

“Clifton College are rewarded for their determined driving and it’s a penalty corner!

“Double castle… It goes to the first and the drag-flick from Clifton College captain Jonathan Munro is well saved by Saints keeper Keegan Crawford.

“Another Clifton College PC soon after…

“Well… An inexplicable halftime whistle goes during the PC…
The PC was meant to be played as it was awarded before the halftime hooter…

Clifton College 0
St Charles College 1

Into the second half… Great Clifton support here.


The Clifton College boys’ support of their first hockey team schoolmates spurred the side to higher levels of intensity in the second half. Renate Monty Photos


“This match is not lacking commitment…

“Clifton great field position… Saints under pressure…

“Clifton trying to unlock tight Saints defence…

“A 40-metre slap pass from Clifton College captain Jonathan Munro knifes through the Saints with surgical precision and finds Matt Strous inside the attacking third, but the striker finds himself a little isolated in terms of support players and Jason Login nullifies the danger.

“Shortly after it’s a Clifton PC… then another… Aaaaaa-aaand it’s a powerful drag-flick from John Munford that balloons the back of the Saints net!

Clifton College 1
St Charles College 1

6 minutes left in the third chukka

39 of 60 minutes gone in the game


Clifton goalkeeper Saurav Rajcoomar and his fellow defenders were put to the test by the Saints penalty corner battery. The Saints’ Jason Login (10) was a major player for the visitors. Renate Monty Photos


“Spurred on by the vociferous support of their schoolmates, Clifton are on fire and Spencer Klue earns a PC!

“A rare triple castle leads to a phenomenal backhand blast by Justin Wood that eludes the Saints defence and the goal sends the onlooking Clifton boys into raptures!

It’s now deep into the third chukka and it’s
Clifton College 2
St Charles College 1

“Clifton are almost immediately back in the strike zone from the re-start and only scrambling defence and an excellent Keegan Crawford keeper-save denies Clifton another goal.

End of the third chukka
Clifton College 2
St Charles College 1

15 minutes left


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“A minute into the fourth and final 15-minute chukka… and the Clifton College boys have taken their support of the first hockey team to an even higher level!

“Plays swings from goalmouth to goalmouth but

It’s still
Clifton College 2
St Charles College 1

“Now just 12 minutes left in this cracker match and at the moment it’s all Clifton…

“St Charles doing their utmost to level the scores… Jason Login prominent…


Both sets of defenders were kept busy throughout this jet-fuelled match. Renate Monty Photos


7 minutes to go

Clifton College 2
St Charles College 1

“Both teams have a player banished to the sin-bin as this pulsating encounter goes into its death throes… both units striving mightily for another goal… Clifton to set up a 2-goal cushion and Saints in search of the elusive equaliser.

1 minute left

Clifton College 2…
St Charles College 1…

Aaaaaa-aaand it’s GAME OVA-AAA!


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“Yes, it’s Clifton College coming back from a 1-0 deficit to run out 2-1 winners.

“Well played to both KZN10 schools’ first hockey teams for your endeavour and skill, and thanks for a morning of great sporting entertainment.


Congrats to the Clifton College first hockey team for their hard-fought 2-1 win over a hard-charging St Charles College at Riverside in Durban North Saturday. Renate Monty Photos



Clifton College 1sts
1 Saurav Rajcoomar
2 Spencer Klue
3 Alex Kerr
4 Byron Kraus
5 Daryl Lotter
6 Branson Bertasso
7 Jonathan Munro (capt)
8 Justin Wood
9 John Munford
10 Brett Anticevich
11 Matt Strous
12 Ryan Gatonby
13 Luke Wilson
14 Ross Montgomery
15 George Tattari

Head coach
Keegan Pearce


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St Charles College 1sts
1 Keegan Crawford
5 Taygen Mollentze
7 Kian Channon
9 Kevin Diaz
4 Guy Church (capt)
6 Cam Spangenberg
17 James Twycross
10 Jason Login
11 Cam Hallowes
13 Tim Login
8 Selaelo Mashiloane

Head coach
Matt Coombes


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