DHS head boy Zakariya Adam reflects on the year

Stick to what matters. That was the overall impression I gathered on hearing DHS Head Prefect 2018 Zak Adam’s reflections on his year at the helm of School’s leadership group.

KZN10: Zak, what your biggest takeaway in terms of what your learnt as head of School’s student body?

“Thanks for asking, sir. The goal is the goal. At the beginning of the year, we set ourselves targets and started plotting courses to achieve such goals.

“At the time, they seem easy and we don’t really seem to think about all the trials we will face in the coming months. We find very soon, though, that things are never black and white.

“There are obstacles in your way, relationships will come into question, you begin questioning some of your own personal values and things seem very complicated, but if the goal is kept as priority, all these things become irrelevant.

“You’ll overcome that obstacle, you’ll salvage that relationship if it was meant to be; those values you questioned will prevail at the end and those previously complicated situations will seem like laughable matters.

“There’s a reason the goal is the goal and there’s a reason it needs to remain at the forefront of your mission.” 


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KZN10: Zak, as head of the learner body, what was your highlight of the year?

The answer is immediate.

“Founders’ Day; as amazing as the result was [the DHS first XV beat Westville 24-14] it wasn’t the thing that I was most proud of. Being in a situation where I was tasked with ensuring the boys came to the table, I was ecstatic when the boys showed that they were all-in.

“Not only did they scream their lungs out, but their behaviour, discipline and all-round image was immaculate. It made me proud, knowing that all the hard work preparing them for the biggest showcase of our year paid off, and the victory was just an added bonus.”

KZN10: Zak, I can see why Founders’ Day gave you so much satisfaction.

So what would be the best piece of advice you could give to the incoming student leadership that has been tasked to take School forward in 2019?

“Stick to the goal, but find a way to make time for yourself. Being head prefect is probably the epitome of both student and service leadership. It’s important that you give it your all and make sure you fight to get to your goals.

“However, this year is not the do-all and end-all. There is life after being head prefect and it’s easy to forget that, but don’t forget that this is a platform for you to find yourself, as well.

“You’re expected to make mistakes and learn from them. Take some time off every now and then to make sure you’re alright and make sure you keep up the crucial things like academics.

“Keep the goal at the forefront of everything but make sure you take the human aspect into consideration all the time, as you have to make sure you’re developing yourself and the people around you to be the best leaders possible.”


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KZN10: Zak thanks for that, you are correct in saying there needs to be a balance.

Best wishes to you Zak as you embark on a new life journey post-school.


  1. Faizel Adam. Zakariyahs proud dad. on 8 Dec 2018 at 10:07 am

    Brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Fawzia on 4 Dec 2018 at 3:34 pm

    So proud of you Zak. It was an absolute pleasure tutoring you but most of all to have had you in our midst.
    Everything of the best & just stick to your goals full steam ahead Son

  3. Penuel on 4 Dec 2018 at 10:50 am

    Well said Zak!! Very nice

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