Tight 1st quarter before Kearsney 1sts basketball pull away from Clifton

The Kearsney College first team hosted Clifton on Saturday and the opening quarter saw the two teams feeling each other out with Kearsney doing much of the playing but failing to convert their opportunities into points.

Clifton made the most of their limited opportunities and scored whenever they shot the ball. The quarter ended with the teams deadlocked at 8-apiece.

Tracey van den Aardweg feature image: Sharpshooter Ryan Wimbush was Kearsney’s top points (18) scorer.


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Kearsney began to find some rhythm on offence during the 2nd quarter and opened up a 4-point lead – going into the halftime break 21-17 ahead.

Kearsney broke open the game during the 3rd quarter and played some very good basketball, looking like they would finish off their opponents in amassing a 14-point lead.

However, the 4th quarter fizzled out with both teams making poor decisions on offence and not making their baskets.


Kearsney’s Matt Campbell (17 points) was at his elusive best in this Clifton clash. Photo Tracey van den Aardweg


But Kearsney had done enough to come out winners by a 13-point margin with the final scoreline reading Kearsney 59 and Clifton 46.

For Kearsney, the top points scorers against Clifton were Ryan Wimbush with 19 points, followed by Matt Campbell (17 points), Xander Kapsimalis, Siyabonga Mpontshane & Ben Field on 6 points apiece.

For Clifton, Jacques Mahanga netted 20 points.


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Yesterday, the Kearsney first team went down by 60 points to 50 at Westville.

All in all, it was a top day for Kearsney basketball versus visitors Clifton with 9 wins from 9 starts.


2nds: Kearsney 26 Clifton 22
Kearsney 47 Clifton 14
Kearsney 54 Clifton 19
U16B: Kearsney 29 Clifton 19
U15A: Kearsney 70 Clifton 8
U15B: Kearsney 56 Clifton 6
U14A: Kearsney 33 Clifton 18
U14B: Kearsney 20 Clifton 6


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Michaelhouse edge Maritzburg College in basketball thriller

“There was much hype in the build-up to the first team game between home side Maritzburg College and visitors Michaelhouse as College had never managed a win against this ’House side,” says the Red Black and White’s head of basketball Jenny Orchard.

No less than 24 Maritzburg College basketball matches were due to be played on the Saturday; however the inclement weather put paid to 11 of them on the outside courts. This, coupled with the cancellation of all cricket matches ensured that the Alan Paton Hall was packed throughout the day.

Facebook photo of the talented Michaelhouse captain JC Oelofse who is also a first XV lock forward.

A packed Alan Paton Hall with a basketball crowd in the house is not something you will forget in a hurry – schoolboy sport at its best.


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“With quality players like captain JC Oelofse and his deputy Banele Sithole in the Michaelhouse side, College knew that it would be a tough encounter,” says Jenny.

“All in all it was a low-scoring match, the first period ending with College 6-2 ahead. It was in the second quarter that Michaelhouse gained a narrow lead of 4 points.

“The low score was the result of a tight defence by the College outfit with Caleb Janse van Rensburg and Qalakahle Mkhize rebounding very effectively.

“The final whistle drew an end to the match with the contest tied at 27-27. This resulted in the game going into a 5-minute overtime and it was in this period where the College offense and decision making was lacking.


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“With both sides on team fouls, the match outcome could go either way. Michaelhouse remained calm and managed to seal the game by beating College 34-38.”

The score is not entirely what the game will be remembered for; it was the incredible spirit and camaraderie shown between the two schools that will surely stir the memory.

“The drum-off at halftime between the two schools entertained the spectators and typified the vibrant nature of a basketball match,” says Jenny.

“At the end of the day it was basketball that was victorious.”


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Team Opposition Score Result
1st Michaelhouse 1st 34 – 38 Lost
2nd Michaelhouse 2nd 26 – 13 Won
3rd Michaelhouse 3rd 16 – 26 Lost
4th Michaelhouse 4th 20 – 36 Lost
5th Michaelhouse 5th 29 – 12 Won
6th Michaelhouse 6th 13 – 30 Lost
7th Michaelhouse 7th 0 – 0 Cancelled
2nd St Nicholas Diocesan School 1st 38 – 30 Won
U16A Michaelhouse U16A 36 – 27 Won
U16B Michaelhouse U16B 41 – 15 Won
U16C Michaelhouse U16c 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U16D Michaelhouse U16d 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U16E Michaelhouse U16e 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U15A St Nicholas Diocesan School U15a 32 – 19 Won
U15A Michaelhouse U15A 16 – 23 Lost
U15B Michaelhouse U15B 42 – 14 Won
U15C Michaelhouse U15C 28 – 16 Won
U15d Michaelhouse U15d 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U15e Michaelhouse U15e 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U15f Kearsney College U15f 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14b St Nicholas Diocesan School U14a 29 – 5 Won
U14d St Nicholas Diocesan School U14b 37 – 7 Won
U14A Michaelhouse U14A 43 – 28 Won
U14B Michaelhouse U14B 13 – 14 Lost
U14c Michaelhouse U14c 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14d Michaelhouse U14d 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14e Michaelhouse U14e 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14f Kearsney College U14f 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
Overall Summary
Played 17
Won 11
Lost 6
Draw 0


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2 Sets of Twins square off as Saints take on Treverton in basketball

St Charles College do not often get the opportunity to play against Treverton College in basketball and therefore it was a nice break from the regular fixtures this past weekend.

Treverton were definitely considered the underdogs in this game as they took on a Saints team which is currently unbeaten and has won its previous fixtures comfortably.

Darren Holcomb feature photo: St Charles College took on Treverton in basketball at the SK Arena on Saturday and each team had a set of twins who played influential roles in the game; the Saints Bradley and Justin Harris and Treverton’s Jonothan and Benjamin Brownrigg.


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Treverton, however, had an upset in mind as they kept the game close in the first period with sharp-shooting from the 3-point line.

The Saints, although not playing well, remained calm and stayed in their systems, looking to penetrate the defence and open up the shooting channels.

St Charles College eventually found their rhythm in the second quarter and started to open up the lead.


Hilliar and Gray

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With good running basketball and some good outside shooting, the Saints were able to extend their lead and, with the pressure off, play some excellent basketball.

Credit must be given to Treverton, who remained committed to the game throughout and fought with everything they had.

The final score saw the Saints winning 60-32.

Down in Durban, the Saints 2nd team managed to win a tight encounter against Glenwood’s 1st team, final score, 24-21.


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Michaelhouse and Kearsney College march on…

In the last full weekend of schools basketball between the KZN10 schools before the half term breaks there were some clear markers laid down as to supremacy in the KZN10 basketball landscape.

Impressive wins for Michaelhouse in hosting Maritburg College, Kearsney College going to Hilton College and coming away with a well deserved victory.

A win for Glenwood U14’s (featured pic) against DHS is something these boys will remember for a long time..

We have included some midweek fixtures just to give a more fuller picture of what the basketball schools have been up to.

6 February

Hilton College vs Grace College

Martizburg College vs Alex

7 February

St Charles College vs Hilton College

9 February

Michaelhouse vs Maritzburg College

Hilton College vs Kearsney College

St Charles College vs Clifton College

Westville Boys vs Northwood

DHS vs Glenwood

06 Feb

Hilton College vs Grace College

Hilton College vs Grace College
U15B 23 ~ 15 U15A
U14B 26 ~ 6 U14A

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Martizburg College vs Alex

Maritzburg College had a tough away encounter against a plucky Alex side who showed, that on their home court they have allot of spirit.

Maritzburg College vs Alex
1st 30 ~ 18 1st
U16A 31 ~ 18 U16A
U15A 65 ~ 9 U15A
U14A 17 ~ 7 U14A
U14B 17 ~ 11 U14B


Games Played 5
Win Ratio Points for Ave:
Maritzburg College 5 100% 160 32
Alex 0 0% 63 13

7 February

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St Charles College vs Hilton College

St Charles College vs Hilton College
1st 78 ~ 38 1st

A tough away fixture for Hilton College as they try and get in as many fixtures as possible before the St Johns tournament.

9 February

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Michaelhouse vs Maritzburg College

An epic clash between two schools in a rich vein of form. Michaelhouse again were led by all star performers Kwanele Khumalo and JC Oelofse who, when their team needed crucial baskets, were able to click into a higher gear and maintain the Michaelhouse lead.

Maritzburg College fought manfully the whole afternoon, but crucial defensive lapses at key moments cost them dearly and were never really able to exert enough pressure on the Michaelhouse team to knock them off their stride.

An encouraging sign for the College program was that not one game was lost in the U14 and U15 age groups whilst in the open age groups there seemed to be a great deal of parity.

Michaelhouse vs Maritzburg College
1st 50 ~ 31 1st
2nd 34 ~ 25 2nd
3rd 19 ~ 28 3rd
4th 40 ~ 22 4th
5th 23 ~ 25 5th
6th 32 ~ 7 6th
U16A 24 ~ 37 U16A
U16B 23 ~ 26 U16B
U16C 29 ~ 25 U16C
U16D 11 ~ 12 U16D
U15A 18 ~ 24 U15A
U15B 8 ~ 59 U15B
U15C 10 ~ 15 U15C
U15D 9 ~ 45 U15D
U14A 17 ~ 23 U14A
U14B 14 ~ 45 U14B
U14C 8 ~ 14 U14C
U14D 0 ~ 43 U14D
Games Played 18
Win Ratio Points for Ave:
Michaelhouse Wins 5 28% 369 21
Maritzburg College Wins 13 72% 506 28

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Hilton College vs Kearsney College

Hilton showed a much improved performance against Kearsney at home. Buoyed on by their vociferous fans the Hilton team showed that they are fast developing under the tutelage of Coach Shange.Kearsney again showed the rich pedigree that they have established under Coach Delport. At times it seemed that Hilton were making a run and threatening an upset only to be thwarted by an organized and polished Kearsney team.

Hilton College vs Kearsney College
1st 50 ~ 63 1st
2nd 21 ~ 41 2nd
3rd 25 ~ 22 3rd
4th 14 ~ 23 4th
5th 8 ~ 13 5th
U16A 37 ~ 42 U16A
U16B 19 ~ 26 U16B
U16C 19 ~ 26 U16C
U15A 24 ~ 21 U15A
U15B 27 ~ 25 U15B
U15C 14 ~ 43 U15C
U14A 26 ~ 23 U14A
U14B 25 ~ 15 U14B
U14C 10 ~ 26 U14C
Games Played 14
Win Ratio Points for Ave:
Hilton College Wins 5 36% 319 23
Kearsney College Wins 9 64% 409 29

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St Charles College vs Clifton College

St Charles who seem to be hitting their straps this season had a handy victory against Clifton College.

St Charles College vs Cllfton College
1st 87 ~ 41 1st
2nd 39 ~ 14 2nd
3rd 34 ~ 14 3rd
4th 5 ~ 17 4th
U16A 43 ~ 10 U16A
U16B 30 ~ 10 U16B
U16C 51 ~ 4 U16C
U15A 26 ~ 18 U15A
U15B 29 ~ 12 U15B
U15C 13 ~ 25 U15C
U15D 9 ~ 28
U14A 43 ~ 10 U14A
U14B 41 ~ 4 U14B
U14C 22 ~ 2 U14C
U14D 2 ~ 6 U14D
Games Played 15
Win Ratio Points for Ave:
St Charles College wins 12 80% 474 32
Cllfton College wins 3 20% 215 14

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Westville Boys vs Northwood

Westville had an impressive clean sweep of victories when they hosted Northwood on Saturday. Northwoods U15A who has put up some impressive displays this season was again the pick of the Northwood teams.

Westville Boys vs Northwood
1st 82 ~ 49 1st
2nd 51 ~ 22 2nd
U16A 28 ~ 13 U16A
U16B 22 ~ 16 U16B
U16C 73 ~ 13 U16C
U15A 25 ~ 22 U15A
U15B 62 ~ 14 U15B
U15C 28 ~ 23 U15C
U15D 45 ~ 11 U15D
U14A 54 ~ 21 U14A
U14B 27 ~ 5 U14B
U14C 16 ~ 9 U14C
U14D 12 ~ 11 U14D
U14E 13 ~ 4 U14E
Games Played 14
Win Ratio Points for Ave:
Westville Boys wins 14 100% 538 38
Northwood wins 0 0% 233 17

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DHS vs Glenwood

In what must be considered an upset, Glenwood U14A (featured picture) beat their DHS U14A counterparts for the first time in many years. Credit must go to the Glenwood coaching staff who haven’t had an easy time of it this season but have soldiered on under difficult circumstances.

DHS vs Glenwood
1st 101 ~ 20 1st
U16A 27 ~ 17 U16A
U15A 44 ~ 9 U15A
U14A 8 ~ 17 U14A
Games Played 4
Win Ratio Points for Ave:
DHS wins 3 75% 180 45
Glenwood wins 1 25% 63 16

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This week in basketball 30 Jan-5Feb

It was another thrilling week amongst the KZN10 basketball schools as their buzzer beaters and strong performances from all the schools

Clifton College vs Hilton College:

A evenly contested day between the two schools. With the points differential of 107-103 in favour of Hilton College across the age group A and 1st teams shows just how tightly contested the day was.

And of course, who could forget this from young Jacques Mahanga of Clifton College to win the game for Clifton:

This game, wow what a finish!

Kearsney College vs Westville Boys:

A great day for Kearsney as they win 10 of their games at the A and B team level. Westville’s depth came into play wining 9 of their own.

Northwood vs Michaelhouse

The scores may not be that big but Northwood at home is a tricky fixture as home court advantage really plays a huge factor.

And also Northwood stepped up its game off the court as well:

KZN10 Schoolboy sport really is special.

Maritzburg College vs Glenwood

A productive basketball day for College who played played 14 won 13 lost 1.

KZN10 Hoops Action – 02 February

This weekends hoops action promises to have some action packed matches. With a wet Saturday forecast lets trust that some of the outdoor games will take place.

Kearsney College vs Westville Boys

An intriguing clash between Kearsney College and Westville boys. Last seasons 77-74 thriller between these two teams gives all indication that this may be a fast paced, frenetic affair. Kearsney playing at home will give them the extra motivation to perform. The triumvirate of Max Hastings-Brown, Dillon Wimbush and Liam Breytenbach will again supply most of the offensive fire-power for the home team.

Westville who have been out of action for a while will look to continue their fine season. Most of the good things for Westville happen through Cameron Best whose athletic prowess makes him a lethal finisher. Rohan Maclean will look to supply the necessary inside presence alongside Kgopotso Matlena. In the coaching department its Miles Delport and Byron Tucker as two of the top coaches in the KZN10 come up with the necessary strategies to outwit each other.

The schools have wisely decided to split the fixtures between the two campusues to mitigate losing fixtures because of the weather.


DHS vs St Charles College

Both teams come into this fixture with an eye on victory. DHS whose home court has become something of a fortress should relish the challenge from the Saint Charles College lads. Last year Buyani Ngcimu was the difference maker and led all scorers in the encounter in Pietermaritzburg. It will take a concerted effort from James Layne and captain Trent LeRoux to stifle his forays into the key.

Saint Charles who have mastered the sometimes extreme weather conditions on the coast will be in determined mood. Nkosinathi Dlamini will give the DHS guards a tough afternoon as the SA U16 point guard guides his side.

As much as its the boys who do the playing the wealth of knowledge in the coaching departments makes this match-up even more interesting with St Charles College coaches Darren Holcomb(ex national mens player) and Craig Gilchrist(current national mens head coach) locking horns with DHS Coach Letha Zulu(current mens U16 head coach) and his boys.

Maritzburg College vs Glenwood

College who are coming off a intense away encounter will be looking forward to enjoying the comforts of the Alan Paton hall when they host Glenwood. College captain Philani Simamane alongside vice-captain Nlankanipho Phenyane will again look to keep the college boys motivated and ready for the challenge. Glenwood whose last fixture against Westville was cancelled will come in fresh and ready to give their best.

A welcome addition to the calendar has been Crawford College La Lucia. This will be the first time that Maritzburg College faces off with the boys from Durban North.

Northwood host Michaelhouse

Northwood will be hoping that home ground advantage will give them the necessary edge when they host Michaelhouse. Whilst Michaelhouse will be brimming with confidence after last weeks great performance against DHS. Star performers Kwanela Khumalo and JC Oelofse will be linchpins in the Michaelhouse effort.

Clifton College vs Hilton College

Clifton will be looking to move on from last weeks disappointment against Kearsney when hosting a growing a Hilton College team. The conditions should suite Clifton a playing at home and laying in front of their passionate fans should give them the needed belief. Hilton College will rely heavily upon play-maker and Captain Singatha Jolwana to spark much of their offense.

The game of the day should be between U15A teams as Clifton and Hilton both have teams that have acquitted themselves over the last couple of weeks.


Basketball Results 28 January

Here are this last weekends basketball results. With rain and drizzle across the province many of the matches were cancelled but there were still a few entertaining fixtures.

St Charles College vs Maritzburg College

As our preview last week pointed out, this clash would be something to savor and it did not disappoint. With the rain causing  the cancellation of all outdoor games the Samukela Khumalo Arena was the focus for the afternoon. Overall a good day for College played 4 won 4.

Michaelhouse vs DHS

Saturday was a relatively successful day for the Michaelhouse basketball program winning 7  and losing 6 against visitors DHS and filler fixtures from Hilton College.

The first team game pitted the undefeated Michaelhouse team against perennial power house DHS. It was a battle of the star performers as Kwanela Khumalo of Michalehouse scored 26 energetic and powerful points to lead the team in scoring. On the other side was Buyani Ngcemu who must be one of the best schoolboy basketball players in the province at the moment. He continually made crucial baskets to try and keep DHS in the contest.

Early in the fourth quarter the DHS guards started placing extreme pressure on their counterparts and cut the lead to 2 points. But, as was the case the whole afternoon, back would come Michaelhouse lead by Khumalo who was simply to good on the day to stretch the Michaelhouse lead.

Kkumalo was ably supported by KZN Schools team mate JC Oelofse whose deft touches around the basket and feathery outside shooting created many mismatches in the DHS ranks and contributed 17 points of his own. The final score of 69-59 indicates a fairly comfortable day for Michaelhouse but credit must go to the DHS boys as the showed tremendous grit and heart to keep the game close.

Kearsney vs Clifton

Kearsney would be well please on the day winning 12 of the 13 matches the played against Clifton College and Maritzburg College. On the day the Kearnsey College shooters relished playing at home and took full advantage of their home court. Clifton will be well please with the fight shown by their U15A boys.

Hilton College vs Northwood

A good day for Hilton College at home winning 8 and losing 4 against Northwood, Michaelhouse and Grace College. A good home win for Ayanda Shange as he continues to work with his 1st team.

Saints vs Maritzburg College the basketball derby to end all derbies!

FAST Breaks, Lay-Ups, Double Dribbles, Bank Shots and Box Outs –
We can expect it all and more come the 6.30pm refs’ Jump-Ball signal and the long-awaited Classic Clash, the PMB Derby to end all Derbies, hits lift-off!!!

Yes KZN10 sports lovers it’s St Charles College firsts vs Maritzburg College firsts 6.30pm this Frosty Friday Night in the KZN capital… and in Saints’ revamped and freshly-named Samukele Khumalo Arena, in honour of the former Saints head prefect and basketball, rugby and soccer star Samke Khumalo, whose life was so tragically cut short when it promised to add so much to our country South Africa.

First team line-ups


Among the glittering additions to this magnificent Saints theatre of basketball are glass-fibre drop-down boards and new stands that have added huge value to the ever-increasing KZN10 demand for fan seats in the pressure-cooker and precocious skill-set bouquet served up by our flagship KZN10 basketball teams, which include the likes of Michaelhouse, Kearsney College, DHS and Westville to name just four.


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While the Harwin Road Side of the Samke Khumalo arena remains much the same, the court at the Astro End has been moved forward to enable a new bank of stands to accommodate the Saints boys, while the visiting boys populate the raised stands at the Gym End and the adult spectator stands that run the length of the Court of Hoops and parallel to Saints premier rugby field, Old Orchards, has been considerably heightened.



Yes fans of KZN10 much of the KZN10 basketball fan-focus is on this long-awaited and much-anticipated St Charles College Maritzburg College showdown.

Those in the know are saying pre-game that it’s way too tough to call a winner but what appears clear is that the team bringing their  A-Game will prevail… and if history teaches us anything, by the slenderest of margins.


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Sadly the wet weather forced the officials to cancel all the early matches on the outside courts but the age-group boys who have missed out on their match will definitely not allow that disappointment to diminish their support for their senior schoolmates tonight.

The scheduled St Charles College vs Maritzburg College fixtures, many of which were cancelled due to the slippery outside-courts’ surfaces:


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  • Current Saints first team head coach and Head of the Upper School, the former SA standout national basketballer Mr Darren Holcomb, has enviable tactical and technical back-up from the full-time Saints Basketball Specialist Mr Craig Gilchrist, who is also the current SA men’s head coach and a legend of the SA game in his playing days.

Given that the Saints Old Boys are expected to be out in force, one can surmise that Saints go into into this fixture as slight favourites.

But Maritzburg College under head coach Zeke Oosthuis have bounced back from an early-season defeat to Westville and have got their game back on track. Significantly, this week’s training sessions have revealed this: The Red Black & White line-up are in determined mood for an upset.


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It’s set up for a wonderful occasion. The atmosphere, Razmattaz, drum beats, war cries and so much more from both sets of supporters will add an intoxicating rhythm to a festive and passionate atmosphere.

May the best team win!


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Michaelhouse vs DHS

This is another cracker set to play out at House.

Michaelhouse must go into this fixture as favourites as they have been the most dominant of the KZN10 schools and haven’t been beaten by any of the local sides the last season. Playing in front of their expectant supporters will surely motivate them to greater heights.


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DHS head to Michaelhouse after a tough loss at Kearsney. They will be looking to bounce back with a determined display.


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Hilton College vs Northwood

Both schools will be looking to get back on the winning trail with this KZN10 fixture.

The weekend seems set for a determined push by one of these schools.

Hilton will be better as new head coach Ayanda Shange gets his troops organised. Northwood will be at their plucky best.


Kearsney College vs Clifton College

Clifton head to Kearsney quietly confident of a good performance after a solid early-season win against Northwood.

Kearsney, who have set themselves apart as the top basketball programme in the KZN10, will look to dominate at home.


Basketball success is built on communication.


Westville vs Glenwood

Westville host Glenwood at home with the Westville 2nd team taking on the Glenwood 1st team.

January 19’s KZN10 basketball results throw up interesting pointers

The first full weekend of school basketball matches in the KZN10 took place over this past weekend. Rain did have a say in a few of the clashes but without exception every 1st team got an opportunity to play:

Michaelhouse vs Westville

Of note in this particular fixture was going to be the match-up at 1st team level. Michaelhouse were the form team of Stayers season and they produced a convincing win at the Westville Multipurpose Centre. Michaelhouse 4 victories/Westville 10 victories.

Michaelhouse next host DHS while Westville’s next game – against Glenwood – has been cancelled.


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Clifton vs Northwood

A good win for Clifton 1sts against their Durban North rivals. Northwood won the A team games in the age groups which bodes well for their future performances. The win total – Clifton 4 victories and Northwood 5 victories – indicates a great match-up for the schools.

Clifton next make the journey up to Bothas Hill to take on Kearsney and Northwood travel to Hilton College.


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St Charles College vs Glenwood (Glenwood scores first)

A tough day at the office for the lads from Glenwood – there is hope that they can build on their U16A result as it seems like it was a tightly contested affair.

St Charles will feel relieved to finally get their season under way. As our interview with * Craig Gilchrist suggests, the Maritzburg private school is looking to make waves this season. St Charles 4 victories Glenwood 0.

* Check out Mr Basketball, the SA men’s head coach, SA legend and Saints’ full-time Basketball Specialist Craig Gilchrist’s fascinating video interview by clicking on his name link in the paragraph above.

Glenwood’s fixture this week against Westville has been cancelled, whilst St Charles play host to Maritzburg College in a 6pm evening game on Friday 25 January 2019.


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This is a match that heralds the culmination of a special day in the life of the 144-year-old institution, the opening and renaming of their revamped basketball venue – splendid facility.

At 10.30am Friday a ceremony will be held at the St Charles College  Indoor Centre, in which the facility will be named the Samukele Khumalo Arena, in honour of the recent former Saints head prefect and basketball star whose burgeoning young life, so full of promise, was so tragically cut short.

Come 6pm Friday, just under 8 hours after the christening of the brand new Samukele Khumalo Arena, the much-anticipated local derby between Saints and their cross-town friends Maritzburg College will play out to a packed arena.

Sam, the boys will do you proud.


Make certain of your three-pointers with clear, comfortable vision.


DHS vs Kearnsey College

The matches were originally supposed to be held at DHS but the inclement weather which affected most of the KZN10 cricket prevented DHS from defending their home court.

The A team games and 1st team were moved to Kearsney College to at least give the boys a game.

The results indicate that the Kearsney basketball programme is operating at elite level. DHS can be disappointed, as zero victories on the day is not indicative of their quality.

Next up for Kearsney is Clifton at home whilst DHS make the journey up to Balgowan to take on a powerful Michaelhouse side.


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Maritzburg College vs Hilton College

A good set of results for Maritzburg College whilst Hilton could feel that they were slightly underdone coming into this fixture.

With a new coach at the helm of Hilton it may take a few weeks for them to develop an identity but if last season’s results are anything to to go, success is round the corner. College 10 victories – Hilton 1 victory.

Next up for College is, as mentioned in some detail above, St Charles, whilst Hilton host Northwood.


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Video chat with St Charles College basketball specialist Craig Gilchrist

As we count down to one of the most anticipated basketball matches of the year – St Charles College versus Maritzburg College this Friday, 25 January 2019 – let’s hear it from Saints director of basketball Craig Gilchrist, who is also the national men’s coach and a legendary SA player in his heyday.

Craig certainly has the credentials to hold court on hoops.

Feature image: Craig coaching the SA men’s basketball team.

Craig, is so pleased to spend time with a luminary of South African basketball, an inspiration and influencer to our coaches and aspirant schoolboy basketballers alike.

Let’s start with what was initially question 5; it’s a topic uttermost in the mind of KZN10.comFriday’s official renaming of the revamped Saints basketball centre, culminating in the marquee local derby 6pm night match against Maritzburg College; can you outline the significance of the Friday?



Hilliar and Gray

Friday Nite Hoops. You ain’t gonna drain a three-pointer without 20/20 vision. Wendy Gray awaits your appointment.


Craig, Saints’ premier basketball team, lets walk through the downs and ups of 2018.



Drain keeps getting blocked and can’t figure out where the problem is? Call the specialist, John Smithers (082 337 2049) or go to


As Saints Basketball Specialist, how do you see the health of Saints Basketball as of end 2018 and into the 2019 year?



Driving to the basket takes courage and determination. It is a coachable skill. So is learning to drive. Don’t hesitate. Contact Trish right now at 060 819 0948 or


St Charles College’s basketball opponents in first term 2019, which KZN schools do you feel are going to test Saints the most?



The undisputed leaders in KZN scoreboards. The evidence is everywhere. PMB-based too, so within easy access. Contact the experts at 033 815 4545 or have a look-see


The many Saints Basketball fans, what can they look forward to in 2019?



Thanks Craig, much appreciated. I can’t wait for Friday Nite’s Hoops Action. Let’s bang the first buzzer!


Don’t get caught downtown. Get inside the 3-point line and make it happen.
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